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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

5214 KJV: sing praise, sing an hymn    NAS: singing hymns, singing hymns of praise, sing...praise, singing a hymn    HCS: After singing psalms, I will sing hymns, and singing hymns
hymnéō hoom-neh'-o
5215 KJV: hymn    NAS: hymns    HCS: hymns
hýmnos hoom'-nos
5217 KJV: go away, go (one's) way, get thee hence, depart, get thee, go    NAS: go away, go their way, going, goes, going back, go, going away, went, get    HCS: they were heading, that He was going back, were going, will go, I am going, you may go, she was going, Go away, was going, Get, are You going, to go away, it is going, leaving, were deserting, am going, Go back, men go, I am going away, re going, Go your way, Go, He goes, m going, s going, should go out, going, is going, go, thing: Go, going away, you are going, he goes
hypágō hoop-ag'-o
5218 KJV: to obey + (1519), obedient, obeying, to make obedient + (1519), obedience    NAS: obedience, obedient, obey    HCS: of obedience, advance the obedience, the obedience, obedience, obey, *, obedient, s obedience
hypakoḗ hoop-ak-o-ay'
5219 KJV: hearken, obey, be obedient to    NAS: became obedient, heed, answer, obeyed, becoming obedient, obedient, obey    HCS: became obedient, who obey, you obey, to answer, obeyed, you obeyed, obey, they obey, it will obey
hypakoúō hoop-ak-oo'-o
5220 KJV: which hath an husband    NAS: married    HCS: a married
hýpandros hoop'-an-dros
5221 KJV: meet, go and meet    NAS: went to meet, met, went and met, encounter    HCS: met, had met, and met, men met, she went to meet, to oppose
hypantáō hoop-an-tah'-o
5222 KJV: to meet + (1519)    NAS: meet    HCS: meet
hypántēsis hoop-an'-tay-sis
5223 KJV: substance, goods    NAS: possession, possessions    HCS: property, possession
hýparxis hoop'-arx-is
5224 KJV: things which (one) possesses, substance, goods, that (one) has    HCS: belongings, goods, possessions
hypárchonta hoop-ar'-khon-tah
5225 KJV: after, not tr, have, live, be    NAS: possess, existed, exist, being, gone, live, owned, been, possessions, belonging, property, private means    HCS: Since he was, since he was, were going, keep, owned, who was, to be, they are, qualities are, because he is, there are, be, since there is, They are, *, are, is, being, as I am, been, have, though He is, who are, although we are, existing, Being, was, who were, live, because I was, were
hypárchō hoop-ar'-kho
5226 KJV: submit (one's) self    NAS: submit    HCS: submit
hypeíkō hoop-i'-ko
5227 KJV: contrary, adversary    NAS: hostile, adversaries    HCS: adversaries, and opposed
hypenantíos hoop-en-an-tee'-os
5228 KJV: over, more than, of, beyond, very chiefest + (3029), exceedingly + (1537 + (4053), to, above, very highly + (1537 + (4053), for, on (one's) behalf, than, for (one's) sake, exceedingly abundantly + (1537 + (4053), misc, in (one's) stead, more    NAS: over, regard, more than, more so, beyond, than, sakes, sake, above, about, concerning, exceed, behalf    HCS: a better, on behalf of, way about, for the benefit of, in, in favor of, about, concerning, mdash; beyond, for, for the sake of, because of, over, mdash; about, more than, of, place, *, beyond, is for, you about, it is for, and beyond, above, only for, with something beyond, than, Concerning, is above, For, behalf
hypér hoop-er'
5229 KJV: be exalted above measure, exalt (one's) self    NAS: exalts, exalting    HCS: exalts himself, exalt myself
hyperaíromai hoop-er-ah'ee-rom-ahee
5230 KJV: pass the flower of (one's) age + (5600)    NAS: past her youth    HCS: past marriageable
hypérakmos hoop-er'-ak-mos
5231 KJV: over, far above    NAS: above, far above    HCS: far above, were above
hyperánō hoop-er-an'-o
5232 KJV: grow exceedingly    NAS: greatly enlarged    HCS: is flourishing
hyperauxánō hoop-er-owx-an'-o
5233 KJV: go beyond    NAS: transgress    HCS: transgress
hyperbaínō hoop-er-bah'ee-no
5234 KJV: above measure    NAS: times without number    HCS: far worse
hyperballóntōs hoop-er-bal-lon'-toce
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