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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

936 KJV: reign, king, 2    NAS: reigned, reign, reigning, become kings, kings, reigns    HCS: reigned, has begun to reign, you did reign, of kings, He will reign, have begun to reign, will reign, You have begun to reign as kings, reign, man to rule, to rule, they will reign, was ruling over
basileúō bas-il-yoo'-o
937 KJV: king's country + (3588), royal, nobleman    NAS: royal official, royal, king's    HCS: king's, royal official, in royal, official, the royal
basilikós bas-il-ee-kos'
938 KJV: queen    NAS: queen, Queen    HCS: as a queen, queen, The queen
basílissa bas-il'-is-sah
939 KJV: foot (sole of)    NAS: feet    HCS: feet
básis bas'-ece
940 KJV: bewitch    NAS: bewitched    HCS: has hypnotized
baskaínō bas-kah'ee-no
941 KJV: bear, carry, take up    NAS: carried away, tolerate, remove, borne, pilfer, bearing, bore, carried, bearers, bear, endured, carry, picked, carried...away, carrying, supports, carries    HCS: person will have to carry, tolerate, picked up, that bore, carried, had to be carried, to remove, that carries, bear, have tolerated, to bear, carry, who bore, Carry, sustain, Carrying, removed, carrying, will pay, to take, was carried
bastázō bas-tad'-zo
942 KJV: bush, bramble bush    NAS: bush, briar bush, thorn bush    HCS: bush, burning bush, passage about the burning bush, a bramble bush
bátos bat'-os
943 KJV: measure    NAS: measures    HCS: measures
bátos bat'-os
944 KJV: frog    NAS: frogs    HCS: frogs
bátrachos bat'-rakh-os
945 KJV: use vain repetitions    NAS: use meaningless repetition    HCS: babble
battologéō bat-tol-og-eh'-o
946 KJV: abomination    NAS: abomination, abominations, detestable    HCS: abomination, VILE THINGS, what is vile, is revolting, with everything vile
bdélygma bdel'-oog-mah
947 KJV: abominable    NAS: detestable    HCS: detestable
bdelyktós bdel-ook-tos'
948 KJV: abhor, abominable    NAS: abominable, abhor    HCS: vile, You who detest
bdelýssō bdel-oos'-so
949 KJV: more sure, of force, stedfast, firm, sure    NAS: steadfast, valid, certain, guaranteed, firmly grounded, firm, more sure, unalterable    HCS: is firm, is valid, secure, to confirm, *, strongly confirmed, firmly
bébaios beb'-ah-yos
950 KJV: confirm, stablish, establish    NAS: establishes, confirm, confirmed, established, strengthened    HCS: who strengthens, confirm, and was confirmed, to be established, established, was confirmed, strengthen, confirming
bebaióō beb-ah-yo'-o
951 KJV: confirmation    NAS: confirmation    HCS: establishment, a confirming
bebaíōsis beb-ah'-yo-sis
952 KJV: profane person, profane    NAS: godless person, worldly, profane    HCS: irreverent
bébēlos beb'-ay-los
953 KJV: profane    NAS: desecrate, break    HCS: to desecrate, violate
bebēlóō beb-ay-lo'-o
954 KJV: Beelzebub    NAS: Beelzebul    HCS: Beelzebul
Beelzeboúl beh-el-zeb-ool'
955 KJV: Belial    NAS: Belial    HCS: Belial
Belíal bel-ee'-al
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