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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1158 KJV: Daniel    NAS: Daniel    HCS: Daniel
Daniḗl dan-ee-ale'
1159 KJV: spend, consume, be at charges with    NAS: pay...expenses, spend, spent    HCS: you may spend, pay, spend, had spent
dapanáō dap-an-ah'-o
1160 KJV: cost    NAS: cost    HCS: cost
dapánē dap-an'-ay
1161 KJV: so, not tr, even, yea, for, yet, nevertheless, now, then, misc, moreover, but, and, also    NAS: yes, even, another, yet, even though, others, therefore, other hand, nevertheless, after, or, partly, former, moreover, also, when, so, what, whereas, now, rather, then, other, suppose, though, however    HCS:
1162 KJV: request, supplication, prayer    NAS: entreaties, prayers, supplication, prayer, petition    HCS: intercession, request, say prayers, that petitions, *, The urgent request, prayers, by your prayers, prayer, petition
déēsis deh'-ay-sis
1163 KJV: must, must needs, ought, misc, should    NAS: must, needed, have, should, ought to, had, due, ought, necessary    HCS: need, things must, We must, appropriate, he should, ought to, it should, you must, say it must, It is necessary, we had to, ought, he must, you have had to, is necessary, must, had to, *, have to, would have had, it was necessary, should, am required, things should, people ought, these things must, we should, he ought, lamb had to, it is necessary, There must, work should
deî die, deh-on'
1164 KJV: example    NAS: example    HCS: an example
deîgma digh'-mah
1165 KJV: make a show    NAS: made a display, disgrace    HCS: publicly, and disgraced
deigmatízō digh-mat-id'-zo
1166 KJV: show    NAS: shown, bring, show, showed, shows    HCS: who had shown, and showed, I will show, will show, that was shown, about, I have shown, show, of authority will You show, he will show, He should show, He showed, and show, He will show, he showed, has shown, Show, to point out, to show, showed, shows
deiknýō dike-noo'-o
1167 KJV: fear    NAS: timidity    HCS: of fearfulness
deilía di-lee'-ah
1168 KJV: be afraid    NAS: fearful    HCS: fearful
deiliáō di-lee-ah'-o
1169 KJV: fearful    NAS: cowardly, afraid    HCS: the cowards, you fearful
deilós di-los'
1170 KJV: such a man    NAS: certain man    HCS: a certain
deîna di'-nah
1171 KJV: vehemently, grievously    NAS: business, fearfully, very    HCS: Him fiercely, in terrible
deinōs di-noce'
1172 KJV: supper, sup    NAS: eat, supper, eaten, dine    HCS: have dinner, for me to eat, supper
deipnéō dipe-neh'-o
1173 KJV: supper, feast    NAS: banquets, supper, banquet, dinner    HCS: banquets, Now by the time of supper, a dinner, Supper, a banquet, banquet, feast, supper
deîpnon dipe'-non
1174 KJV: too superstitious    HCS: are extremely religious
deisidaimonésteros dice-ee-dahee-mon-es'-ter-os
1175 KJV: superstition    NAS: very religious, religion    HCS: religion
deisidaimonía dice-ee-dahee-mon-ee'-ah
1176 KJV: eighteen + (2532 + (3638), ten    NAS: ten, eighteen    HCS: for, other, 10, 10,000, were
déka dek'-ah
1177 KJV: twelve
dekadýo dek-ad-oo'-o
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