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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

1497 KJV: idol    NAS: idol, idols    HCS: an idol, idol, idolatry, idols, by idols
eídōlon i'-do-lon
1498 KJV: should be, not tr, be, meant, wert, should mean, might be    HCS: meant, it could be, mean, might be, it was, be, things meant, could be, he was
eíēn i'-ane
1499 KJV: if that, and if, if also, if, though
ei kaí i kahee
1500 KJV: in vain, without a cause, vainly    NAS: without cause, nothing, vain    HCS: without cause, has been wasted, it was for nothing, for no purpose, for no reason, for nothing
eikē i-kay'
1501 KJV: twenty    NAS: three, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty    HCS: 23,000, *, 20,000, 24, were
eíkosi i'-kos-ee
1502 KJV: give place    NAS: yield    HCS: But we did not give up
eíkō i'-ko
1503 KJV: be like    HCS: is like
eíkō i'-ko
1504 KJV: image    NAS: likeness, form, image    HCS: images, image, an image, actual form, the image
eikṓn i-kone'
1505 KJV: sincerity    NAS: sincerity    HCS: of sincerity, purity, sincerity
eilikríneia i-lik-ree'-ni-ah
1506 KJV: pure, sincere    NAS: sincere    HCS: pure, a genuine
eilikrinḗs i-lik-ree-nace'
1507 KJV: roll together
heilíssō hi-lis'-so
1508 KJV: save, not tr, if not, misc, except, but    NAS: more than, except, unless
ei mḗ i may
1509 KJV: except    NAS: except
ei mḗ ti i may tee
1510 KJV: not tr, I am + (1473), have been, be, am, I was + (1473), it is I + (1473)    NAS: accompanied, done, come, lived, crave, turn, belong, asserted, existed, meant, stayed, appear, belonged, came, accompany, happen, falls, remain, rest, do, sided, consist, found, being, am, been, have, means, have come, bring, belonging, had, exist, mean, originate, there, amount, remained, themselves, belongs, become, amounts, owns, depends    HCS: Have I been, it is, *, belong to, I am, am, belong, I've, where I am, I'm, I am, was, long as I am, Am, and I am, circumstances I am
eimí i-mee'
1511 KJV: not tr, are, is, was, am, be, misc, to be, were    HCS: there was, have been, come, should be, might bring, nature is, there is, to be, must be, existed, that he belongs to, it will be, and to be, that I am, she is to be, himself to be, be, and to, *, are, desire, is, being, would be, are to be, am, to bring, to remain, he is, make, that there is, was, guarantee, were
eînai i'-nahee
1512 KJV: seeing, if so be that, if so be, though    NAS: if, if indeed, since indeed, after all    HCS: since, if, if in fact, seeing that
eí per i per
1513 KJV: if by any means    NAS: order
eí pōs i poce
1514 KJV: be at peace, have peace, live peaceably, live in peace    NAS: peace, live in peace    HCS: be at peace, Be at peace, live at peace
eirēneúō i-rane-yoo'-o
1515 KJV: rest, quietness, one, peace    NAS: peace, undisturbed    HCS: of peace, terms of peace, May peace, peace, Peace, for peace, *, promotes peace, live in peace, in peace, would bring peace, and peace
eirḗnē i-rah'-nay
1516 KJV: peaceable    NAS: peaceable, peaceful    HCS: of peace, peace-loving
eirēnikós i-ray-nee-kos'
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