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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3036 KJV: cast stone, stone    NAS: stone, stoned, went on stoning, stones, stoning    HCS: it must be stoned, They were stoning, and began to stone, stone, stoned, stones
lithoboléō lith-ob-ol-eh'-o
3037 KJV: stumbling stone + (4348), another, mill stone + (3457), stone, one stone    NAS: stone's, another, stone, millstone, stones    HCS: a stone, A stone, a stone's, another, on stones, stone, a millstone, one stone, stones, The stone, with stones, rocks, massive stones
líthos lee'-thos
3038 KJV: Pavement    NAS: Pavement    HCS: the Stone Pavement
lithóstrōtos lith-os'-tro-tos
3039 KJV: grind to powder    NAS: like dust, dust    HCS: to powder
likmáō lik-mah'-o
3040 KJV: haven, the fair havens + (2570)    NAS: harbor    HCS: Havens, a harbor, harbor
limḗn lee-mane'
3041 KJV: lake    NAS: lake    HCS: edge of the lake, lake, Lake
límnē lim'-nay
3042 KJV: hunger, dearth, famine    NAS: famines, hunger, famine    HCS: and famines, of hunger, hunger, a famine, famine, famines
limós lee-mos'
3043 KJV: linen, flax    NAS: linen, wick    HCS: linen, wick
línon lee'-non
3044 KJV: Linus    NAS: Linus    HCS: Linus
Línos lee'-nos
3045 KJV: dainty    NAS: luxurious    HCS: splendid
liparós lip-ar-os'
3046 KJV: pound    NAS: pound, pounds    HCS: pounds, a pound
lítra lee'-trah
3047 KJV: south west    NAS: southwest    HCS: the southwest
líps leeps
3048 KJV: gatherings, collection    NAS: collections, collection    HCS: collections, collection
logía log-ee'-ah
3049 KJV: impute, count, number, account, reason, think, misc, suppose, reckon    NAS: thinks, dwell, credits, regarded, maintain, consider, propose, reckoned, take into account, regard, credit, reason, counted, numbered, considered, suppose, counting, credited    HCS: I consider, was it credited, he should remind, a person should consider, should consider, consider, I reasoned, I know, we are counted, to consider, who think, considered, is credited, are considered, who considers, I plan, Do you really think, we conclude, credits, *, He was counted, considering, can credit, was credited, be counted, may be credited, be credited, charge, He considered, dwell on, it was credited, keep a record of, counting
logízomai log-id'-zom-ahee
3050 KJV: of the word, reasonable    NAS: spiritual, word    HCS: spiritual
logikós log-ik-os'
3051 KJV: oracle    NAS: utterances, oracles    HCS: revelation, words, oracles, spoken words
lógion log'-ee-on
3052 KJV: eloquent    NAS: eloquent    HCS: an eloquent
lógios log'-ee-os
3053 KJV: thought, imagination    NAS: speculations, thoughts    HCS: arguments, thoughts
logismós log-is-mos'
3054 KJV: strive about words    NAS: wrangle about words    HCS: to fight about words
logomachéō log-om-akh-eh'-o
3055 KJV: strife of words    NAS: disputes about words    HCS: arguments over words
logomachía log-om-akh-ee'-ah
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