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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3153 KJV: vanity    NAS: futility, vanity    HCS: futility, empty words, to futility
mataiótēs mat-ah-yot'-ace
3154 KJV: become vain    NAS: became futile    HCS: became nonsense
mataióō mat-ah-yo'-o
3155 KJV: in vain    NAS: vain    HCS: in vain
mátēn mat'-ane
3156 KJV: Matthew    HCS: Matthew
Matthaîos mat-thah'-yos
3157 KJV: Matthan    NAS: Matthan    HCS: Matthan
Matthán mat-than'
3158 KJV: Matthat    NAS: Matthat    HCS: son of Matthat
Matthát mat-that'
3159 KJV: Matthias    HCS: Matthias
Matthías mat-thee'-as
3160 KJV: Mattatha    NAS: Mattatha    HCS: son of Mattatha
Mattathá mat-tath-ah'
3161 KJV: Mattathias    NAS: Mattathias    HCS: son of Mattathias
Mattathías mat-tath-ee'-as
3162 KJV: sword    NAS: sword, swords    HCS: a sword, with the sword, sword, the sword, of the sword, swords
máchaira makh'-ahee-rah
3163 KJV: strife, fighting, striving    NAS: conflicts, quarrels, disputes    HCS: conflicts, fights, quarrels, disputes
máchē makh'-ay
3164 KJV: strive, fight    NAS: fight, fighting together, argue, quarrelsome    HCS: You fight, were fighting, argued, quarrel
máchomai makh'-om-ahee
3167 KJV: great thing, wonderful work    NAS: mighty deeds    HCS: magnificent acts
megaleîos meg-al-i'-os
3168 KJV: mighty power, magnificence, majesty    NAS: magnificence, majesty, greatness    HCS: magnificence, majesty, greatness
megaleiótēs meg-al-i-ot'-ace
3169 KJV: excellent    NAS: Majestic    HCS: Majestic
megaloprepḗs meg-al-op-rep-ace'
3170 KJV: magnify, show great, enlarge    NAS: high esteem, enlarged, exalted, lengthen, high esteem, exalts, displayed...great, magnified, exalting    HCS: was magnified, enlarged, lengthen, declaring the greatness, great, will be highly honored, greatness, highly
megalýnō meg-al-oo'-no
3171 KJV: greatly    NAS: greatly    HCS: greatly
megálōs meg-al'-oce
3172 KJV: majesty, Majesty    NAS: Majesty    HCS: majesty, Majesty
megalōsýnē meg-al-o-soo'-nay
3173 KJV: loud, great, misc    NAS: greater things, all the more, larger, larger ones, surprising, wide, great things, fierce, mighty, strong, long time, greater, completely, great men, high, greatest, perfectly, terribly, older, great, one greater, huge, loud, severe, grown, arrogant, abundant, large, too much, more important, big, very much, greatly, stricter    HCS: a large, boasts, of great, men of high, the greatest, with great, I was greatly, A violent, is the greatest, A great, profound, such a violent, violent, with a loud, by the intense, by great, is it too much, a massive, difficulty, notorious, a loud, a violent, of loud, the loud, a severe, GREAT, a special, a wide, and most important, at the top of, intense, Great, a high, Enormous, with loud, A fierce, to the greatest, a grand, of the great, men of high positions, greatest, a great, great, from a great, of large, in a loud, beyond measure, loud, they were utterly, severe, since we have a great, and great, is great, deeply, large, of a great, when he had grown up, Then a high
mégas meg'-as
3174 KJV: greatness    NAS: greatness    HCS: greatness
mégethos meg'-eth-os
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