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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3864 KJV: upon the sea coast    NAS: sea    HCS: sea
parathalássios par-ath-al-as'-see-os
3865 KJV: neglect    NAS: overlooked    HCS: were being overlooked
paratheōréō par-ath-eh-o-reh'-o
3866 KJV: that ... committed + (3588)    NAS: what...have entrusted, what has been entrusted, treasure, entrusted    HCS: thing entrusted, what has been entrusted
parathḗkē par-ath-ah'-kay
3867 KJV: admonish, exhort    NAS: urge, admonish    HCS: I urge, advice
parainéō par-ahee-neh'-o
3868 KJV: intreat, avoid, make excuse, excuse, reject, refuse    NAS: excused, refused, make excuses, have nothing to do with, begged, requested, reject, refuse    HCS: Reject, to excuse, to make excuses, they requested, when they rejected, have nothing to do with, it begged, reject, refuse
paraitéomai par-ahee-teh'-om-ahee
3869 KJV: sit    NAS: seated    HCS: sat
parakathízō par-ak-ath-id'-zo
3870 KJV: intreat, besought, desire, comfort, beseech, pray, misc, exhort    NAS: given, implore, pleaded, making an appeal, invited, beseeching, encourage, exhort, appealing, plead, comforts, exhorts, encouraged, urged, exhorting, urging, beg, imploring, appeal, requested, pleading, exhortations, appealed, entreat, implored, exhortation, comfort, urge, exhorted, comforted, preach, conciliate, encouraging, begging    HCS: ve asked, we are comforted, will be comforted, may be encouraged, who begged, encourage, I urged, to encourage, comforts, exhorting, kept begging, appeal, to beg, and began begging, we respond graciously, and exhort, they begged, so that he may encourage, to comfort, we have been comforted, comfort, urge, strongly urged, call on, comforted, we exhort, and were invited, you begged, he is comforted, appeal to, is appealing, I exhort, she urged, They were begging, exhort, to be consoled, they pleaded, who comforts, I appeal, and apologized, receive, begged, encouraged, I pleaded, and pleaded, he kept begging, urged, The demons begged, he invited, be encouraged, and encourage, to urge, exhortations, pleading, we encouraged, we were encouraged, they appealed, I appeal to, by encouraging, he received, exhorted, I urge, we encourage, I beg, to encourage, begging, encouraging
parakaléō par-ak-al-eh'-o
3871 KJV: hide    NAS: concealed    HCS: concealed
parakalýptō par-ak-al-oop'-to
3872 KJV: that committed to (one's) trust + (3588)
parakatathḗkē par-ak-at-ath-ay'-kay
3873 KJV: be present    NAS: present    HCS: is with
parákeimai par-ak'-i-mahee
3874 KJV: consolation, exhortation, intreaty, comfort    NAS: consolation, urging, appeal, encouragement, exhortation, comfort    HCS: with encouragement, of encouragement, they begged, encouragement, exhortation, comfort, of Encouragement, consolation, of exhortation, our urging
paráklēsis par-ak'-lay-sis
3875 KJV: advocate, comforter    NAS: Advocate, Helper    HCS: an advocate, Counselor
paráklētos par-ak'-lay-tos
3876 KJV: disobedient    NAS: disobedience    HCS: disobedience
parakoḗ par-ak-o-ay'
3877 KJV: follow, attain, have understanding, fully know    NAS: following, accompany, followed, investigated    HCS: you have followed, have followed, will accompany, investigated
parakolouthéō par-ak-ol-oo-theh'-o
3878 KJV: neglect to hear    NAS: overhearing, refuses to listen    HCS: he pays no attention, overheard, t pay attention
parakoúō par-ak-oo'-o
3879 KJV: stoop down, look    NAS: stooping and looking, stooped and looked, look, looks intently    HCS: to look, When he stooped to look in, she stooped, Stooping down, one who looks intently
parakýptō par-ak-oop'-to
3880 KJV: take unto, take up, take, receive, take away    NAS: took along, taking, take, took, taken, receive, takes along, takes, took...along, received, took...aside    HCS: Taking along, along, take, took, you have received, will be taken, He took along, to take, aside, brings, received, He married her, since we are receiving, Take, receive, away, customs they have received, when you received, you received, He took
paralambánō par-al-am-ban'-o
3881 KJV: pass, sail by    NAS: sailing along, sailing past    HCS: and sailed, we sailed along
paralégomai par-al-eg'-om-ahee
3882 KJV: sea coast    NAS: coastal region    HCS: seacoast
parálios par-al'-ee-os
3883 KJV: variableness    NAS: variation    HCS: variation
parallagḗ par-al-lag-ay'
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