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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

2980 KJV: speak, talk, tell, misc, say, utter, preach    NAS: telling, made, talked, speak, speak forth, whispered, speaks, speaking, uttered, say, says, proclaiming, told, talking, said, stating, saying, spoke, things spoken, tell, spoken    HCS: are speaking, things I tell, have said, what was being said, were speaking, speaks, will speak, what was spoken, I will not talk, they speak, to tell, will be told, He said, After they spoke, against speaking, talking, he was speaking, we speak, mdash; say, could both speak, you speak, things to say, he says, He was speaking, what was said, be told, He has spoken, He would speak, Am I saying, One who speaks, to say, said, be presented, saying, m talking, to speak, We speak, you will say, talk, they will speak, s speaking, they began to speak, he tells, it was told, speaking, doctrines, and spoke, he sounded, were saying, is speaking, He would not speak, I have spoken, began to speak, you should speak, he spoke, ve been telling, re speaking, we do speak, *, do You speak, talking with, who spoke, he speaks, He was talking, He had talked, I speak, had been told, spoke, be spoken, utter, and tell, one who spoke, was saying, to what would be said, He speaks, had spoken, Speak, t spoken, who are speaking, to what was spoken, it had been said, that I speak, He will say, I will speak, keep on speaking, and began speaking, we are speaking, I should speak, you have whispered, One who was speaking, I am actually speaking, will what is spoken, speaker, I am speaking, am speaking, we are talking, and He speaks, was talking, are You talking, I say, s talking, He spoke, spoken, speak, we will talk, had been proclaimed, one who speaks, should speak, He was telling, I have told, must say, I spoke, person who speaks, what they say, told, which says, and said, was telling, from speaking, may speak, person speaks, does He speak, I told, has spoken, He will speak, he began to speak, Say, say, have spoken, One speaking, He told, He conversed, One who said, were told, they talked, they spoke, has told
laléō lal-eh'-o
3027 KJV: thief, robber    NAS: robbers', robbers, robber    HCS: I were a criminal, robbers, criminals, a revolutionary, hands of the robbers, the hands of robbers, from robbers, a robber, of thieves
lēistḗs lace-tace'
3166 KJV: boast great things    HCS: it boasts
megalauchéō meg-al-ow-kheh'-o
3848 KJV: breaker, transgressor, transgress    NAS: transgressor, transgressors    HCS: transgressors, are a lawbreaker, a lawbreaker, to be a lawbreaker
parabátēs par-ab-at'-ace
4238 KJV: commit, require, keep, do, exact, deed, use arts    NAS: done, do, doing, practicing, practice, committed, does, collect, deeds, attend, act, collected, acted, practiced, performing, practices    HCS: he has done, t collect, who do, is doing, Do, they practiced, man has done, we did, to mind, I do, practice, who has committed, you observe, *, I practice, who have done, to do, not do, you did, do, who practice, have done, done, and do, who practices, acting, You will do, who had practiced, had not done, have collected, one who does
prássō pras'-so
4256 KJV: prove before    NAS: already charged    HCS: we have previously charged
proaitiáomai pro-ahee-tee-ah'-om-ahee
4565 KJV: Saron    NAS: Sharon    HCS: Sharon
Sárōn sar'-one
4867 KJV: call together, gather together    NAS: gathered together    HCS: gathered together, had assembled, When he had assembled
synathroízō soon-ath-royd'-zo
5277 KJV: leave    NAS: leaving    HCS: leaving
hypolimpánō hoop-ol-im-pan'-o
5278 KJV: tarry behind, take patiently, suffer, endure, patient, abide    NAS: persevering, patiently endure, endure...with patience, endures, stayed behind, endured, perseveres, endure, remained    HCS: things, endures, Endure, endured, stayed behind, I endure, and you endure, endures, you endure, one who endures, who endured, who have endured, be patient, we endure, you endured, stayed on
hypoménō hoop-om-en'-o
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