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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

3076 KJV: be sorrowful, be sorry, be in heaviness, make sorry, grieve, cause grief, sorrow    NAS: cause...sorrow, caused sorrow, grieve, caused...sorrow, sorrow, made sorrowful, distressed, hurt, sorrowful, grieved, grieving    HCS: pain, he has caused pain, I grieved, to be distressed, will become sorrowful, struggle, you should be hurt, grieving, has caused pain, was grieved, grieve, regretted, is hurt, you were grieved, to be sorrowful, distressed, grieved, one being hurt
lypéō loo-peh'-o
3077 KJV: grievous, heaviness, grief 1, grudging + (1537), sorrow    NAS: pain, sorrows, grief, sorrow, sorrowful, grudgingly    HCS: pain, *, one grief, painful, grief, sorrow
lýpē loo'-pay
3078 KJV: Lysanias    NAS: Lysanias    HCS: Lysanias
Lysanías loo-san-ee'-as
3079 KJV: Lysias    NAS: Lysias    HCS: Lysias
Lysías loo-see'-as
3080 KJV: to be loosed    NAS: released    HCS: to be loosed
lýsis loo'-sis
3081 KJV: it is better    NAS: better    HCS: It would be better
lysiteleî loo-sit-el-i'
3082 KJV: Lystra    NAS: Lystra    HCS: called Lystra, Lystra, *, and Lystra
Lýstra loos'-trah
3083 KJV: ransom    NAS: ransom    HCS: a ransom
lýtron loo'-tron
3084 KJV: redeem    NAS: redeem, redeemed    HCS: that you were redeemed, redeem
lytróō loo-tro'-o
3085 KJV: redemption, redeem + (4160)    NAS: redemption    HCS: the redemption, redemption
lýtrōsis loo'-tro-sis
3086 KJV: deliverer    NAS: deliverer    HCS: a redeemer
lytrōtḗs loo-tro-tace'
3087 KJV: candlestick    NAS: lampstand, lampstands    HCS: lampstand, lampstands, a lampstand
lychnía lookh-nee'-ah
3088 KJV: light, candle    NAS: lamps, lamp    HCS: of a lamp, to a lamp, *, lamp, a lamp, lamps, Is a lamp
lýchnos lookh'-nos
3089 KJV: loose, dissolve, break up, melt, unloose, put off, break down, destroy, break    NAS: annuls, loose, untie, broken, broke down, untying, untied, loosed, destroyed, destroy, break, take off, unbind, release, released, putting an end to, breaking, removed    HCS: Untie, untying, Remove, was removed, break, were released, and untie, Loose, to untie, were untying, things are to be destroyed, are you untying, she be untied, he released, began to break up, and be dissolved, be released, untie, already loosed, Release, free, had been dismissed, you loose, Are you loosed, ending, destroy, tore down, was He breaking, Destroy, be broken, They untied, breaks, will be released
lýō loo'-o
3090 KJV: Lois    NAS: Lois    HCS: Lois
Lōḯs lo-ece'
3091 KJV: Lot    NAS: lot, Lot's    HCS: Lot, of Lot, Lot's
Lṓt lote
4483 KJV: speak, make, speak of, say, command    HCS: what was spoken, one spoken of, spoken of, was told, it was said, said, were told, were spoken
rhéō hreh'-o
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