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# Original Word Translation
Transliteration Phonetic Spelling

872 KJV: entry    NAS: entrance    HCS: entrance
be'âh be-aw'
873 KJV: bad    NAS: evil    HCS: evil
bi'ûsh be-oosh'
874 KJV: plainly, plain, declare    NAS: distinctly, inscribe, expound    HCS: clearly, to explain
bâ'ar baw-ar'
875 KJV: slimepits, not translated, pit, well    NAS: pit, pits, wells, well, well's    HCS: any well, pits, wells, the well, the Pit, spring, let the Pit, a well, *, well's, well
be'êr be-ayr'
876 KJV: Beer    NAS: Beer    HCS: Beer
be'êr be-ayr'
877 KJV: cistern    NAS: pit, cisterns, well
bô'r bore
878 KJV: Beera    NAS: Beera    HCS: Beera
be'êrâ' be-ay-raw'
879 KJV: Beerelim    NAS: Beer-elim    HCS: reaches Beer-elim
be'êr 'êlı̂ym be-ayr' ay-leem'
880 KJV: Beerah    NAS: Beerah    HCS: Beerah
be'êrâh be-ay-raw'
881 KJV: Beeroth    NAS: Beeroth    HCS: Beeroth, Beeroth's
be'êrôth be-ay-rohth'
882 KJV: Beeri    NAS: Beeri    HCS: of Beeri
be'êrı̂y be-ay-ree'
883 KJV: Beerlahairoi, the well Lahairoi    NAS: Beer-lahai-roi    HCS: lahai-roi, A Well of the Living One Who Sees Me
be'êr lachay rô'ı̂y be-ayr' lakh-ah'ee ro-ee'
884 KJV: Beersheba    NAS: Beersheba    HCS: at Beer-sheba, to Beer-sheba, Beer-sheba, of Beer-sheba, is Beer-sheba
be'êr sheba‛ be-ayr' sheh'-bah
885 KJV: Beeroth....Jaakan    NAS: Beeroth Bene-jaakan    HCS: Beeroth Bene-jaakan
be'êrôth benêy-ya‛ăqan be-ay-roth' be-nay' yah-a-can'
886 KJV: Beerothite    NAS: Beerothite, Beerothites    HCS: Beerothite, Beerothites
be'êrôthı̂y be-ay-ro-thee'
887 KJV: abomination, stinking savour, utterly, loathsome, abhor, stink    NAS: made, surely made, odious, making me odious, grow foul, made themselves odious, surely made himself odious, become odious, became foul, become foul, made yourself odious, acts disgustingly, stink    HCS: you have become repulsive, and stink, will stink, act disgustingly, Since he has made himself detestable, smelled so bad, they had become repulsive, smelled, repulsive, are foul, they had made themselves repulsive, odious, reek, there was a terrible odor, rot, smell
bâ'ash baw-ash'
888 KJV: displeased    NAS: distressed    HCS: displeased
be'êsh be-aysh'
889 KJV: stink    NAS: stench    HCS: I caused the stench, the stench, stench
be'ôsh be-oshe'
890 KJV: cockle    NAS: stinkweed    HCS: stinkweed
bo'shâh bosh-aw'
891 KJV: wild grapes    NAS: worthless ones    HCS: worthless grapes
be'ûshı̂ym be-oo-sheem'
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