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Entry for Strong's #05662 - עֹבַדְיָהוּ

‛ôbadyâh, ‛ôbadyâhû
o-bad-yaw', o-bad-yaw'-hoo  
Word Origin
act part of (05647) and (03050)
Parts of Speech
Proper Name Masculine
Word Definition [ Brown-Drivers-Briggs | Strong ]
Brown-Driver-Briggs' Definition

Obadiah = “servant of Jehovah”

1) the 4th of the 12 minor prophets; nothing personal is known of him but it is probable that he was contemporary with Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel

1a) the prophetic book by him; prophesies against Edom

2) father of Ishmaiah, one of the chiefs of Zebulun in the time of David

3) a Merarite Levite overseer of the work of restoring the temple in the time of king Josiah of Judah

4) chief of the household of king Ahab of Israel; an devout worshipper of Jehovah who at risk to his own life hid over 100 prophets during the persecution of Jezebel

5) a descendant of David

6) a chief of the tribe of Issachar

7) a Benjamite, one of the 6 sons of Azel and a descendant of king Saul

8) a Levite, son of Shemaiah and a descendant of Jeduthun

9) a Gadite chief, the 2nd of the lion-faced Gadites who joined David at Ziklag

10) a prince of Judah in the time of king Jehoshaphat of Judah

11) a priest, son of Jehiel of the sons of Joab who returned from exile with Ezra

12) a gatekeeper in the time of Nehemiah

13) one of the men who sealed the covenant with Nehemiah

13a) perhaps the same as 12

Frequency Lists  [ Book | Word ]
Verse Results
KJV (20) NAS (20) HCS (19)
1 Kings 6
1 Chronicles 7
2 Chronicles 2
Ezra 1
Nehemiah 2
Obadiah 1
1 Kings 6
1 Chronicles 7
2 Chronicles 2
Ezra 1
Nehemiah 2
Obadiah 1
1 Kings 6
1 Chronicles 7
2 Chronicles 2
Ezra 1
Nehemiah 2
Obadiah 1
n-p 16
n-p 16
n-p 16

Brown-Driver-Briggs Expanded Definition
 עֹבַדְיָ֫הוּ, עֹבַדְיָה proper name, masculine ( servant of Yah, compare Gray Prop. N. 295, No. 90; also Phoenician עבדבעל, Palmyrene עבדבל, Old Aramaic עבדההד Lzb333, Old Hebrew עבדיהו Id.334); — I. עֹבַדְיָ֫הוּ:

1 chief of Ahab's household 1 Kings 18:3 (twice in verse); 1 Kings 18:4,5,6,7,16, ᵐ5 Αβδ(ε)ιου.

2 father of one of the chiefs of Zebulun 1 Chronicles 27:19, ᵐ5 Αβδ(ε)ιου (genitive).

3 a Levite overseer in time of Josiah 2 Chronicles 34:12, ᵐ5 Αβδ(ε)ια, A ᵐ5 L Αβδιας. II. עֹבַדְיָה:

1 the prophet Obadiah , ᵐ5 Οβδ(ε)ιου (genitive), Αβδ(ε)ιου.

2 a descendant of David 1 Chronicles 3:21, ᵐ5 Αβδεια, ᵐ5 L Οβδιας.

3 chief of tribe of Issachar 1 Chronicles 7:3, ᵐ5 Μειβδεια, A Οβδια, ᵐ5 L Αβδια.

4 a Benjamite 1 Chronicles 8:38; 1 Chronicles 9:44, ᵐ5 Αβδ(ε)ια.

5 a Levite 1 Chronicles 9:16 ("" עַבְדָּא Nehemiah 11:17), ᵐ5 Αβδεια A Οβδια, ᵐ5 L Αβια.

6 a Gadite chief 1 Chronicles 12:9, ᵐ5 Αβδ(ε)ια.

7 a prince in time of Jehoshaphat 2 Chronicles 17:7, ᵐ5 Αβ(δ)ιαν.

8 priestly companion of Ezra Ezra 8:9; Nehemiah 10:6, ᵐ5 Αδεια, Αβ(α)δ(ε)ια, ᵐ5 L Αβδιου, Αβιας.

9 a doorkeeper Nehemiah 12:25, א Οβδιας, ᵐ5 L Αβδιας.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon, Unabridged, Electronic Database.
Copyright © 2002, 2003, 2006 by Biblesoft, Inc.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.
Gesenius' Hebrew and Chaldee Definition

עֹבַדְיָהוּ & עֹבַדְיָה m. (“worshipper of Jehovah”), compare Arab. عبد الله), [Obadiah], pr.n. of several men, the most celebrated of whom is the prophet of this name, contemporary with Jeremiah (Obadiah 1:1), 1 Kings 18:3; 1 Chronicles 3:21, 7:3 8:38 9:16, 44 1 Chronicles 9:44, 12:9 27:19 2 Chronicles 17:7, 34:12 Ezra 8:9; Nehemiah 10:6. LXX. Ἀβδίας (which is properly from עַבְדִּיָּה).

These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available
List of Word Forms
וְ֠עֹבַדְיָה וְעֹֽבַדְיָ֛הוּ וְעֹבַדְיָ֖ה וְעֹבַדְיָ֗הוּ וְעֹבַדְיָ֤הוּ וְעֹבַדְיָה֙ וּלְעֹבַדְיָ֣ה ולעבדיה ועבדיה ועבדיהו עֹ֣בַדְיָ֔הוּ עֹֽבַדְיָ֑ה עֹֽבַדְיָֽה׃ עֹבַדְיָ֑הוּ עֹבַדְיָ֖ה עֹבַדְיָ֖הוּ עֹבַדְיָ֙הוּ֙ עֹבַדְיָ֛הוּ עֹבַדְיָ֜הוּ עֹבַדְיָ֥ה עֹבַדְיָה֙ עבדיה עבדיה׃ עבדיהו ‘ō·ḇaḏ·yā·hū ‘ō·ḇaḏ·yāh ‘ōḇaḏyāh ‘ōḇaḏyāhū oadYah oadYahu ū·lə·‘ō·ḇaḏ·yāh ūlə‘ōḇaḏyāh uleoadYah Veoadyah veoadYahu wə‘ōḇaḏyāh wə‘ōḇaḏyāhū wə·‘ō·ḇaḏ·yā·hū wə·‘ō·ḇaḏ·yāh
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