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E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes
1 Peter 5



Verse 1

elders. App-189.

among. App-104.

exhort. App-134.

who, &c. = the fellow-elder. Greek. sumpresbuteros. Only here.

Christ. App-98.

a = the.

partaker. See 1 Corinthians 10:18.

glory. See p. 1511.

that shall = about to.

revealed. App-106. Compare 1 Peter 4:13.

Verse 2

Feed. Greek. poimaino. Compare John 21:16. Acts 20:28.

flock. Greek. poimnion. See Acts 20:28.

God. App-98.

taking, &c. Greek. episkopeo. Only here and Hebrews 12:15. Compare App-189.

by constraint. Greek. anankostos. Only here.

willingly. Compare hekousios. See Hebrews 10:26, and compare Philemon 1:14.

not = neither. Greek. mede

for filthy lucre. Greek. aischrokerdos. Only here. Compare 1 Timothy 3:3.

of, &c. = readily. Greek. prothumos. Only here. Compare Acts 17:11.

Verse 3

Neither. Greek. mede, as above.

being, &c. See Acts 19:16.

heritage = the heritages. Greek. kleros, Plural. Compare Acts 1:17, Acts 1:25. "God"s" is supplied from 1 Peter 5:2. Compare Deuteronomy 4:20. Psalms 28:9; Psalms 33:12, &c.

ensamples. Greek. tupos. See Philippians 1:3, Philippians 1:17. 2 Thessalonians 3:9. 1 Timothy 4:12. Titus 2:7.

Verse 4

chief Shepherd. Greek. archipoimen. Only here. See John 10:11.

appear. App-106.

receive. See 1 Peter 1:9.

a = the.

crown. Greek. Stephanos. The victor"s crown. Compare Revelation 12:3 (diadema).

that fadeth not away. Greek. amarantinos. Only here. Compare 1 Peter 1:4. 1 Corinthians 9:25.

Verse 5

submit. As 1 Peter 2:13, &c.

unto = to.

be subject . . . and = submitting The texts omit.

one to, &c. = to one another.

be clothed with = gird yourselves with. Greek. enkomboomai. Only here.

humility. See Acts 20:19.

resisteth. See Acts 18:6.

proud. See Romans 1:30.

grace. App-184.

humble. Greek. tapeinos. See Matthew 11:29. Quoted from Proverbs 8:34. Compare James 4:6.

Verse 6

Humble yourselves. See 2 Corinthians 11:7.

under. App-104.

mighty. Greek. krataios. Only here. Compare 1 Corinthians 16:13 and App-172.

that = in order that. Greek. hina.

exalt. See John 12:32.

due time = season.

Verse 7

Casting . . . upon. Greek. epirripto. Only here and Luke 19:35.

care = anxiety. Compare Philippians 1:4, Philippians 1:6.

upon. Greek. epi. App-104. The same prep, as is seen in the verb.

for. App-104.

Verse 8

Be sober. See 1 Peter 1:13.

be vigilant. Greek. gregoreo. Translated "watch", except here and 1 Thessalonians 5:10 (wake).

roaring. Greek. oruomai. Only here. Compare 2 Corinthians 11:3, 2 Corinthians 11:14.

devour = swallow up. See 1 Corinthians 15:54.

Verse 9

stedfast. Greek. stereos. See 2 Timothy 2:19.

faith. App-150.

knowing. App-132.

afflictions. Same as "sufferings", 1 Peter 5:1.

accomplished. App-125.

brethren = brotherhood. See 1 Peter 2:17.

world. App-129.

Verse 10

grace. App-184. Compare Acts 7:2.

hath. Omit.

us. The texts read "you".

eternal. App-151.

Christ Jesus. App-98. but the texts omit "Jesus".

after that ye have = having.

a while-a little (time). The contrast is between the affliction now and the glory hereafter. Compare 2 Corinthians 4:17.

make you, &c The texts read "shall Himself perfect you", &c

perfect. Compare Hebrews 13:21. See App-125.

stablish. See Romans 1:11.

strengthen. Greek. sthenoo. Only here.

settle = ground, as on a foundation. Greek. themelioo. Compare Ephesians 3:17. Colossians 1:23, and App-146. These four verbs describe God"s working, not after, but during the suffering.

Verse 11

glory and. The texts omit.

dominion. App-172.

for ever, &c. App-151. a.

Verse 12

By. App-104. 1 Peter 5:1.

Silvanus. See 2 Corinthians 1:19.

faithful. App-150.

suppose = reckon. Greek. logizomai, as Romans 4:3, &c.

briefly. Literally by means of (App-104. 1 Peter 5:1) few (words).

testifying = earnestly testifying. Greek. epimartureo. Only here.

true. App-175.

wherein = in (App-104.) which

ye stand. All the texts read the imperative mood "stand ye". Compare Philippians 1:4, Philippians 1:1.

Verse 13

church. The adjective "elected together with" is feminine, singular, and the ellipsis must be supplied by some noun of that gender. Hence, some have thought that the reference is to Peter"s wife (1 Corinthians 9:5.) This would accord with the inclusion of an individual (Marcus) in the same salutation, and would agree with Paul"s custom of sending salutations from individuals; but he also sends salutations from churches (Romans 16:16, Romans 16:23; 1 Corinthians 16:19), and from all the saints, or brethren, i.e. in the place where he was writing (2 Corinthians 13:13. Galatians 1:1, Galatians 1:2. Philippians 1:4, Philippians 1:22. 2 Timothy 4:21. Titus 3:15). So Peter may be uniting all the brethren with him here, and the ellipsis should be supplied, not with ekklesia, which occurs nowhere in either of his epistles, but with diaspora, the dispersion, whom he addresses as elect (1 Peter 1:1). Those in Babylon were elect with them.

at = in. App-104.

Babylon. A great many sojourners of the dispersion were in Babylon. See Josephus , Ant., XV. ii. 2.

elected together with. Greek. suneklektos. Only here.

Marcus = Mark. See Acts 12:12.

son. App-108. This must be in the same sense as in 1 Timothy 1:2. Titus 1:4, where Paul uses gnesios. If Mark be the same as in Acts 12:12, he could not be Peter"s literal son.

Verse 14

Greet. Same as "salute", 1 Peter 5:13.

kiss. See Romans 16:16.

charity = love. App-135. In Paul"s epistles the epithet "holy" (hagios) is used.

with = to.

Jesus. The texts omit.

Amen. Omit.


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