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E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

2 Peter 1

Verse 1

Simon. Greek. Sumeon, as in Acts 15:14.

servant. App-190.

apostle. App-189.

Jesus Christ. App-98.

have. Omit.

obtained. Greek. lanchano. See Acts 1:17.

like precious. Greek. isotimoe. Only here.

faith. App-150.

through. App-104.

righteousness. App-191.

of, &c. = of our God and, &c.

God. App-98.

Verse 2

Grace. App-184.

multiplied. Compare 1 Peter 1:2 and Jude 1:2.

unto = to.

knowledge. App-132.

Jesus. App-98.

Lord. App-98.

Verse 3

divine. Greek. theios. See Acts 17:29.

power. App-172.

given = been given. It is the same perfect passive translated "are given" in 2 Peter 1:4. Greek. doreo. See Mark 15:45.

all = (as to) all.

that pertain unto = for. App-104.

life. App-170.

godliness. See 1 Timothy 2:2.

through. App-104. 2 Peter 1:1.

hath. Omit.

to = to His own, as the texts.

glory. See p. 1511.

virtue. See Philippians 1:4, Philippians 1:8.

Verse 4

Whereby = By (App-104. 2 Peter 1:1) which.

exceeding = the exceeding.

promises. Greek. epangelma. Only here and 2 Peter 3:13.

that = in order that. Greek. hina.

by. App-104. 2 Peter 1:1.

be = become.

partakers. See 1 Corinthians 10:18.

escaped. Greek. apopheugo. Only here and 2 Peter 2:18, 2 Peter 2:20.

corruption. Greek. phthora. See Romans 8:21.

in. App-104.

world. App-129.

Verse 5

And. Note the Figure of speech Polysyndeton. Seven "ands" in verses: .

beside this, giving. Literally bringing in by the side of (Greek. pareisphero. Only here) this very thing.

diligence. Greek. spoude, as Jude 1:3.

add = minister, or supply. Greek. epickoregeo. See 2 Corinthians 9:10.

to = in. App-104.

knowledge. App-132.

Verse 6

temperance = self-control. Greek. enkrateia. See Acts 24:25.

Verse 7

brotherly kindness. See Romans 12:10.

charity = love. App-135.

Verse 8

if, &c. = these things existing (Greek. huparcho. See Luke 9:48) in you, and abounding.

make = render. Greek. kathistemi. First occurance: Matthew 24:45.

neither = not. App-105.

barren = useless. Greek. argos. See Matthew 12:36.

nor. Greek. oude.

in. App-104.

Verse 9

that lacketh, &c. = to whom these things are not (App-105) present.

and cannot, &c. = being short-sighted. Greek. muopazo. Only here.

and hath, &c. = having received forgetfulness (Greek. lethe. Only here).

that he was purged from = of the cleansing (Greek. katharismos. See Hebrews 1:3) of.

old sins = sins of long ago (Greek. palai).

sins. App-128.

Verse 10

give diligence = be diligent. Greek. spoudazo. See noun in 2 Peter 1:5.

calling. See Romans 11:29.

election. See Acts 9:15.

sure. Greek. bebaios. See Romans 4:16.

if ye do = doing.

never = by no means (App-105) at any time.

fall = stumble. Greek. ptaio. See Romans 11:11.

Verse 11

entrance. Same word in Hebrews 10:19.

ministered. Same as "add", 2 Peter 1:5.

abundantly. Greek. plousios. See Colossians 3:16.

into. App-104.

everlasting. App-151.

kingdom. App-112.

Verse 12

not. App-105.

negligent. Greek. ameleo. See 1 Timothy 4:14.

put . . . in remembrance. Greek. hupomimnesko. See John 14:26.

know. App-132.

established. Compare 1 Peter 5:10.

the present truth = the truth which is present (Compare 2 Peter 1:9), i.e. which is your possession.

Verse 13

meet = just. App-191.

as long as = for (App-104) such (time) as.

tabernacle. Greek. skenoma. See Acts 7:46.

stir . . . up. App-178. "

by putting you in = in.

remembrance. Greek. hupomnesis. See 2 Timothy 1:5.

Verse 14

shortly. Greek. tachinos. Only here and 2 Peter 2:1 (swift).

I must put off = is the putting off of. Greek. apothesis. See 1 Peter 3:21.

hath. Omit, and supply "also".

shewed = declared. Greek. deloo. See 1 Corinthians 1:11. Compare John 21:18, John 21:19.

Verse 15

endeavour. Same as "give diligence", 2 Peter 1:10.

decease. Greek. exodos. See Luke 9:31.

to have, &c. = to make remembrance (Greek. mneme. Only here) of these things.

always = at every time. Greek. hekastote. Only here.

Verse 16

followed. Greek. exakoloutheo. Only here and 2 Peter 2:2, 2 Peter 2:15.

cunningly, &c. Greek. sophizo. See 2 Timothy 3:15.

fables. See 1 Timothy 1:4.

coming. See Matthew 24:3 (first occ).

were = became.

eyewitnesses. Greek. epoptes. Only here. The verb in 1 Peter 2:12; 1 Peter 3:2. Compare Luke 1:2.

majesty. Greek. megaleiotes. See Acts 19:27.

Verse 17

Father. App-98.

came = was borne. Greek. phero, as in 1 Peter 1:13 (brought).

such. Greek. toiosde. Only here. Implying emphasis. The usual word is toioutos, which occurs 61 times.

from = by. App-104.

excellent. Greek. megaloprepes. Only here. Compare 2 Peter 1:16.

beloved. App-135.

Son. App-108.

well pleased. See Matthew 3:17; Matthew 12:18; Matthew 17:5.

Verse 18

heaven. Singular. See Matthew 6:9, Matthew 6:10.

holy. Because, and while, the Lord was there.

Verse 19

a more sure, &c. = the prophetic (Greek. prophetikos. See Romans 16:26) word (App-121.) more sure.

whereunto = to which.

that ye take heed = taking heed; "in your hearts" should follow here.

light. App-130.

shineth. App-106.

dark. Greek. auchmeros. Only here.

dawn. Greek. diaugazo. Only here.

day star. Greek. phosphoros. Only here.

arise. It will be a fulfillment of Numbers 24:17. Malachi 4:2. Not a spiritual experience.

Verse 20

Knowing. App-132.

is = comes.

any private = its own. Greek. idios.

interpretation. Greek. epilusis. Only here. The verb epiluo is found in Mark 4:34 (expounded), and Acts 19:39 (determined). This shows that the meaning is that prophecy is not self-originated by the speaker.

Verse 21

in old time = at any time. Greek. pote.

by. No preposition. Dative case.

will. App-102.

man. App-123.

holy. Omit.

of. The texts read apo, from.

spake. App-121.

moved = borne along. Greek. phero, as in 2 Peter 1:17.

the Holy Ghost = Divine power. No art. App-101.

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