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E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes
Jeremiah 23



Verse 1

the pastors = rulers. See notes on Jeremiah 2:8; Jeremiah 3:15, &c.

saith the LORD = [is] Jehovah"s oracle.

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4.

Verse 2

the LORD God of Israel. See note on Jeremiah 11:3.

God. Hebrew. Elohim.

that feed = that are the feeders of. Figure of speech Antimereia (of the Verb).

behold. Figure of speech Asterismos. App-6.

I will visit, &c. Reference to Pentateuch (Exodus 32:34).

evil. Hebrew ra"a.

Verse 3

I will gather, &c. Compare Jeremiah 31:10; Jeremiah 32:7. Ezekiel 34:13, &c.

Verse 5

Branch = Sprout from the root, not from a branch. Compare Isaiah 11:1; Isaiah 53:2. Here, Hebrew. zemach. The name of the brightest star in the Zodiac sign "Virgo". See App-12. See notes on the Structure of the Four Gospels. Compare Jeremiah 33:15.

King. See the Structure of the Gospels. Matthew. Compare Isaiah 9:6, Isaiah 9:7. Zechariah 6:12, Zechariah 6:13. Psalms 72:2. Luke 1:32.

judgment and justice. See note on Jeremiah 22:3.

Verse 6

Israel shall dwell safely. Reference to Pentateuch (Leviticus 25:18, Leviticus 25:19; Leviticus 25:26, Leviticus 25:5. Deuteronomy 33:12, Deuteronomy 33:28. Repeated in Jeremiah 32:37; Jeremiah 33:16). App-92.

THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Hebrew. Jehovah Zidkenu. See App-4. For the reason of the large type in Authorized Version, see App-48.

OUR. Because the gift of God.

Verse 7

the days come. Compare Jeremiah 16:14, Jeremiah 16:15.

Which brought up, &c. Reference to Pentateuch (Ex. Jeremiah 12:15, &c). App-92.

children = sons.

Verse 8

the house of Israel. See note on Jeremiah 2:4.

land = soil.

Verse 9

Mine heart, &c. Figure of speech Pathopoeia.

man. Hebrew. "ish.

a man = a strong man. Hebrew. geber. App-14.

wine. Hebrew. yayin. App-27.

Verse 10

their: i.e. the false prophets.

Verse 11

wickedness. Hebrew. ra"a". App-44.

Verse 12

the year of their visitation. See note on Jeremiah 8:12.

Verse 15

the LORD of hosts = Jehovah Zebaioth. See note on Jeremiah 6:6 and 1 Samuel 1:3.

Verse 17

They say still. Figure of speech Polyptoton. Hebrew = saying they say = keep on saying.

imagination = stubbornness.

Verse 18

who . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis. Implying that none hath.

counsel = secret council. Compare Psalms 25:14.

His. Hebrew text, with Revised Version, reads "My"; but margin of Hebrew text, the Babylonian Codex, with eight early printed editions, Aramaean, Syriac, and Vulgate, read "His"! with Authorized Version.

heard: or, announced. Compare Jeremiah 23:22.

Verse 19

fall grievously = burst.

the wicked = lawless ones.

Verse 20

the latter days = end of days. Reference to Pentateuch (Genesis 49:1, the same word). App-92.

perfectly. Compare Jeremiah 30:24.

Verse 21

I have not, &c. Compare Jeremiah 23:32; Jeremiah 14:14.

Verse 22

But if, &c. The Hebrew accent requires the rendering: "But, had they stood in My Council: then they would have made My People hear My words, and they would have turned", &c.

Verse 23

Am I . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6.

and not, &c. Figure of speech Pleonasm, for emphasis.

Verse 24

Can . . . ? . . . Do . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis.

fill. The Hebrew accent ("Tiphcha"") puts the emphasis on "fill" (not on "earth"), denoting the fullness of the Divine presence which no place can include, or exclude. A fullness of grace, of the prophetic word of judgment, and of promise.

Verse 25

I have dreamed. Thus catching the people"s ears. Note Figure of speech Epizeuxis. App-6.

Verse 26

How long . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis.

shall this be = shall this exist. Hebrew. yesh. See notes on Jeremiah 31:6, Jeremiah 31:16, Jeremiah 31:17. Proverbs 8:21; Proverbs 18:24, and Luke 7:25.

Verse 27

as = according as.

for = in, or through.

Verse 28

he that hath, &c. Compare Ezekiel 13:7.

chaff = crushed, or chopped straw. Hebrew. teben.

Verse 29

Is not . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis.

Verse 30

I am against, &c. Reference to Pentateuch (Deuteronomy 18:20).

Verse 31

say, He saith = uttered it as an oracle. Hebrew. ne"um. Reference to Pentateuch (Genesis 22:16. Numbers 14:28; Numbers 24:3, Numbers 24:4, Numbers 24:15, Numbers 24:16). Frequent in the prophets.

Verse 32

lightness = reckless boasting.

Verse 33

What burden? Septuagint, Vulgate, and Rashi, read "Ye yourselves are the burden". Compare Jeremiah 23:36.

forsake = reject.

Verse 36

perverted. See note on Jeremiah 6:10.

the living God. Both words are plural.

Verse 38

ye say = ye keep on saying. Figure of speech Polyptoton. App-6.

Verse 40

everlasting . . . perpetual. Put by Figure of speech Synecdoche (of the Whole), for a part of time = life long. Limited here by the promised Restoration.


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