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Jeremiah 23

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-40

1-4. A remnant shall return.

1. The pastors] i.e. the rulers of Judah.

4. Shepherds] e.g. Ezra, Nehemiah, etc.

5-8. Promise of the Messiah.

5. Branch] rather, ’sprout,’ ’shoot,’ that which is immediately connected with the root, and contains, as it were, the springs of life. So in Jeremiah 33:15, and in later time Zechariah 3:8; Zechariah 6:12. On the other hand, the word in Isaiah 11:1 denotes ’branch,’ properly so called. The v. predicts the coming of an ideal descendant of David, a king who shall reign in righteousness over the people. We see the fulfilment of the prophecy in the spiritual conquests of Christ. And prosper] RV ’and deal wisely,’as David did (1 Samuel 18:5-14).

6. The Lord our righteousness] RV ’The Lord is our righteousness.’ The coming king shall be a righteous ruler, whose reign shall be marked by absolute justice; He shall be called Jehovah-Tsidkenu (’The Lord is our righteousness’); and His name shall be the sign that God will make His people righteous: cp. Jeremiah 33:16. Cp. also ’Immanuel’ (’God with us’), Isaiah 7:14; Isaiah 8:10.

7, 8. See on Jeremiah 16:14.; The deliverance after the captivity will be even more wonderful than that from Egypt.

9-40. Rebuke of false prophets and priests. Their disgrace is foretold.

10. Swearing] RM ’the curse’ (of God).

Pleasant places] RV ’pastures.’ Course] manner of life. Force] exercise of power.

13, Samaria] the northern kingdom. In Baal] i.e. the name of Baal.

14. The representatives of God encourage evil doers by their own misdeeds.

17. These false prophets promised deliverance from Babylon.

18. For who hath stood, etc.] meaning that at any rate these false prophets had not done so.

20. Consider] RV ’understand.’

21. Yet they ran] as if appointed.

23. Think you that My knowledge is subject to human limitations? These men do not deceive Me as they do the people.

25. I have dreamed] By repeating this formula they caught the ear of the crowd.

28. The contrast between true and false prophecy. God’s word contains nourishment and life. Other words are but as chaff, or, rather, straw.

29. Fire] which consumes the dross. 30, 31. The false prophets steal the phrases of the true, e.g. ’He saith.’

32. Lightness] RV ’vain boasting.’

33. They ask jestingly of Jeremiah, What is thy latest message for us? what is the burdensome oracle of the Lord? ’Burden’ was often used in this sense: cp. Nahum 1:1; Habakkuk 1:1; Zechariah 9. What.. burden] LXX ’ye are the burden.’

34, 35. The misused phrase ’the burden of the Lord ’is to be used no more. Some other expression is to take its place.

36. Every man’s burden shall be his use of the word. For he who has jokingly enquired after the ’burden of the Lord’ shall find that those lightly spoken words of his are in very deed a load upon him. Perverted] used jestingly.

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