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Revelation 6



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Verse 1

saw. App-133.

Lamb. See Revelation 5:6.

seals. Read "seven seals", with texts.

as . . . saying. Read, "one of the four zoa saying as with a voice of thunder".

beasts. See Revelation 4:6.

and see. All the texts omit.

Verse 2

behold. App-133.

he that sat, &c. Not to be identified with the white horse and rider of Revelation 19:11, for here is the beginning of the series of terrible judgments. See Revelation 6:12 and the order of events in Matthew 24:4-28.

on him = thereon. Greek. epi (App-104.) auton.

bow. Greek. toxon. Only here in N.T. Compare Revelation 4:3.

crown. See App-197.

given. The giver not mentioned. See Revelation 13:5, Revelation 13:7. Luke 4:6. 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9.

unto = to.

went. Greek."came", see Revelation 6:1.

conquering, &c. Literally conquering and in order that (Greek. hina) he may conquer. The verb is the same as "overcame" in Revelation 2:7, &c.

Verse 3

had. Omit.

say = saying, Revelation 6:1.

Verse 4

went out. Greek."came forth".

another. App-124.

power. Read "it".

thereon = on him, as Revelation 6:2.

peace = the peace.

earth. App-129.

that = in order that. Greek. hina.

Verse 5

beheld = saw, Revelation 6:1.

lo = behold, Revelation 6:2.

black. Signifying famine. See Lamentations 4:4-8, &c.

pair, &c. = balance.

Verse 6

heard. The texts add "as it were".

voice. Same as noise, Revelation 6:1.

measure. Greek. choenix; . App-51.

penny. App-51. Bread by weight means scarcity (compare Ezekiel 4:10, Ezekiel 4:16, Ezekiel 4:17). A denarius was a day"s wage (Matthew 20:2), and a choenix of corn was a slave"s daily ration, an amount usually purchasable for one-eighth of a denarius.

see. Omit, and read the clause "and hurt thou not" (App-105).

oil . . . wine. By Figure of speech Metalepsis this may point to special protection of the elect in famine times. See Revelation 12:14. Zechariah 13:8. Romans 3:1, Romans 3:2; Romans 9:4, Romans 9:5.

Verse 8

looked = saw, as Revelation 6:1.

pale = livid. Greek. chloros; in Revelation 8:7; Revelation 9:4. Mark 6:39, rendered "green".

and . . . Death. "Literally and the one sitting on (Greek. epano, first occ Matthew 2:9, "over") him, the name to him (is) Death.

Death. By Metonymy (of Effect) (App-6) = pestilence. Famine is invariably followed by pestilence. Here, Death and Hades are personified. Compare Revelation 9:11.

Hell. App-131.

power. App-172.

fourth. See App-10.

beasts = wild beasts. Greek. therion. Occurs thirty-eight times in Rev., thirty-seven of "the beast". And here it may indicate the nations supporting "the beast". See Dan 7 for the Divine description of "the powers" as "wild beasts".

Verse 9

altar. Greek. thusiasterion. First of eight occurances.

souls. See App-110and App-170Compare App-13.

were = had been.

word. App-121.

God. App-98.

testimony. See John 1:7.

Verse 10

loud = great.

voice. As Abel"s blood was said to cry (Genesis 4:10).

Lord. App-98.

holy = the Holy.

true = the True.

judge. App-122.

avenge. See Deuteronomy 32:43. Luke 18:3. A call consistent with the day of judgment, not with the present day of grace.

on. apo. App-104. but the texts read ek.

Verse 11

white robes = a white robe. See Revelation 7:9 and Mark 12:88.

were = was.

every one = each one.

yet for, &c. = yet a little time (Greek. chronos. App-195).

fellowservants. Greek. sundoulos. Occurs only in Matt., Col., and Rev. See App-190.

that should be = that are about to be.

as they were = even as they also (had been).

fulfilled. App-125.

Verse 12

sixth seal. The signs immediately preceding the Advent of Rev 19.
Matthew 24:4-5 (1st. The False Messiah), Revelation 6:1-2
Matthew 24:6-7 (2nd. Wars.) Revelation 6:3-4
Matthew 24:7 (3rd. Famines.) Revelation 6:5-6
Matthew 24:7 (4th. Pestilences.) Revelation 6:7-8)
Matthew 24:8-28 (5th Martyrdoms.) Revelation 6:9-11
Matthew 24:29-30 (6th. Signs in heaven of Advent.) Revelation 6:12-17.

lo. Omit.

was = came to be.

earthquake. Greek. seismos. See Haggai 2:6, Haggai 2:7, Haggai 2:21, Haggai 2:22. Zechariah 14:5. Matthew 8:24. Hebrews 12:26. Compare Psa 46.

moon. The texts add "whole", i.e. the full moon.

as blood. i.e. as to color.

Verse 13

stars, &c. See Revelation 9:1 and compare Daniel 8:10, &c.

heaven. See Revelation 3:12.

mighty = great, as verses: Revelation 6:4, Revelation 6:10, Revelation 6:17.

Verse 14

departed = parted asunder. See Acts 15:39.

scroll. See Revelation 1:11.

when, &c. = rolling itself up.

moved = removed, as Revelation 2:5.

Verse 15

the kings of the earth. See App-197. As regards the social fabric, the present conditions will exist when the Lord comes.

great men. Greek. megistanea. Only here; Revelation 18:23. Mark 6:21.

men, man = ones, one.

mighty. Greek. ischuros (with the texts). As in Revelation 19:18. Compare App-172.

bondman. App-190.

every. Omit.

Verse 16

said = they say.

Fall, &c. See Hosea 10:8, and compare Luke 23:30.

face. Greek. prosopon. Same word "presence" in 2 Thessalonians 1:9.

wrath. Greek. orge. Only once in N.T. is "wrath" attributed to the Lord; see Mark 3:5. Elsewhere it pertains to God. "Wrath of the Lamb"! Divine love spurned and rejected turning to judicial "wrath" and destruction.

Lamb. In Revelation 5:5 the Lamb-Lion; here, the Lion-Lamb.

Verse 17

great day All preceding judgments lead up to this. See Joel 2:11, Joel 2:31. Zephaniah 1:14. Compare Jude 1:6.

who, &c. This solemn question now to be answered by the sealing of 144,000 specially protected and blessed ones.

shall be = is.


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