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Book Overview - Matthew

by James Nisbet

Matthew 1:18-25 Two Great Truths

Matthew 1:21 Penalty Paid, Power Crushed

Matthew 1:21 The Fulness of Salvation

Matthew 1:21 Christ and His People

Matthew 1:23 The Divine Presence

Matthew 1:23 A Name of Comfort

Matthew 1:23 Truth Stated and Applied

Matthew 1:24 The Angel and the Guardian

Matthew 2:1 The Goodness of Christ

Matthew 2:1 The Men and their Guide

Matthew 2:2 The King and His Crown

Matthew 2:2 Little Knowledge, Much Faith

Matthew 2:9 The Guiding Star

Matthew 2:10 Stars as Types

Matthew 2:10 God’s Dealings with Men

Matthew 2:11 Christ in Common Life

Matthew 2:11 The Threefold Gift

Matthew 2:15 Called out of Egypt

Matthew 2:16 Slain for Christ’s Sake

Matthew 2:16 Sin and Suffering

Matthew 2:18 The Cry of the Children

Matthew 3:2 Repentance

Matthew 3:2 The Coming of the Kingdom

Matthew 3:8 Sins to be Repented of

Matthew 3:11 Cleansing and Burning

Matthew 3:11 Christ First

Matthew 3:11 Manifested by Fire

Matthew 3:12 Fan, Fire and Floor

Matthew 3:12 Unquenchable Fire

Matthew 3:16-17 The Voice of the Spirit

Matthew 4:1 The Purpose of Lent

Matthew 4:1 The Conflict and the Victory

Matthew 4:1 ‘As Christ Overcame’

Matthew 4:1 Christ’s Example

Matthew 4:1 Being Tempted

Matthew 4:1 Christ’s Sympathy with the Tempted

Matthew 4:3 ‘The Son of God’

Matthew 4:2-4 The Attack on Divine Sonship

Matthew 4:5-7 Sin as a Voluntary Act

Matthew 4:5-7 ‘I will keep thee’

Matthew 4:8-10 The Path to Victory

Matthew 4:8-10 The Greatest Danger in Life

Matthew 4:11 A Lifelong Campaign

Matthew 4:12-13 The Ministry Begun

Matthew 4:17 Christ’s First Sermon

Matthew 4:18 The Call of Andrew

Matthew 4:18 Andrew’s Example

Matthew 4:19 On Following Christ

Matthew 4:19 The Christian Ministry

Matthew 4:21-22 Christ’s Call Obeyed

Matthew 4:23 What Christ joined together

Matthew 5:3 Poor in Spirit

Matthew 5:3 Characteristics of Poverty

Matthew 5:4 Comfort for the Mourners

Matthew 5:5 The Meek and their Reward

Matthew 5:6 Hungering and Thirsting

Matthew 5:7 Mercifulness in Principle and Practice

Matthew 5:8 Purity of Heart

Matthew 5:9 Peace and Peacemakers

Matthew 5:10 The Persecuted

Matthew 5:11-12 Protection on Earth: Reward in Heaven

Matthew 5:13 The Christian in Society

Matthew 5:14; Matthew 5:16 The Influence of Christian Life

Matthew 5:14 The City on the Hill

Matthew 5:20 The Failure of the Pharisees

Matthew 5:20 The Pharisees’ Righteousness

Matthew 5:21-22 The Sin of Anger

Matthew 5:21-22 The Old Law Revised

Matthew 5:33-36 Reverence for the Holy Name

Matthew 5:37 Christian Truthfulness

Matthew 5:44 The Christian and His Enemies

Matthew 5:44 Who are our Enemies?

Matthew 5:48 Moral Perfection

Matthew 6:1-4 Almsgiving

Matthew 6:6 Alone with God

Matthew 6:6 Private Prayer

Matthew 6:6 Prayer and its Answer

Matthew 6:9 The Divine Fatherhood

Matthew 6:9 The Father’s Love

Matthew 6:9 The Hallowed Name

Matthew 6:9 God’s Glory

Matthew 6:10 God’s Kingdom

Matthew 6:10 Extending the Kingdom

Matthew 6:10 The Christian’s Aspiration

Matthew 6:10 God’s Will in Worship and Work

Matthew 6:10 The Obedience of Angels

Matthew 6:11 Only Bread

Matthew 6:11 As well for the Body as the Soul

Matthew 6:11 The Christian and Temporal Gifts

Matthew 6:12 Forgiveness for the Forgiving

Matthew 6:12 God’s Forgiveness and Man’s Response

Matthew 6:13 Sources of Temptation

Matthew 6:13 The Conflict with Evil

Matthew 6:13 Fourfold Power

Matthew 6:13 The Grand Doxology

Matthew 6:16 The Lenten Fast

Matthew 6:16 The Discipline of the Body

Matthew 6:20 Treasures in Heaven

Matthew 6:21 Choosing the Best

Matthew 6:22 Singleness of Eye

Matthew 6:24 The Two Masters

Matthew 6:25 Lessons from Nature

Matthew 6:25 The Law of Proportion

Matthew 6:28 Lessons from Lilies

Matthew 6:28 A Children’s Flower Sermon

Matthew 6:28 The Story of the Lilies

Matthew 6:32 The Antidote to Anxiety

Matthew 6:32 Divine Care

Matthew 6:33 The Economic Precepts of Christ

Matthew 6:33 The Principles of the Kingdom

Matthew 6:33 The Promise and its Condition

Matthew 6:34 One Day at a Time

Matthew 6:34 The Universal Providence of God

Matthew 7:1-2 Against Rash Judgment

Matthew 7:6 That which is Holy

Matthew 7:7 Ask and Receive

Matthew 7:7 Seeking and Finding

Matthew 7:12 The Golden Rule

Matthew 7:13 Avoiding the Way of the Many

Matthew 7:15-21 Beware!

Matthew 7:18 The Tree and its Fruit

Matthew 7:21 Nominal Discipleship

Matthew 7:24-25 Building upon the Rock

Matthew 7:28 The People Astonished

Matthew 8:1 Law and Life

Matthew 8:2 The Significant Unit

Matthew 8:3 Sin and its Cleansing

Matthew 8:3 The Leper and the Saviour

Matthew 8:8-10 The Only True Faith

Matthew 8:8-10 The Greatness of Faith

Matthew 8:8-10 Faith and Righteousness

Matthew 8:11-12 Home Citizens Defeated

Matthew 8:11-12 The Heavenly Banquet

Matthew 8:11-12 The Obligation of Privileges

Matthew 8:13 Faith and its Power

Matthew 8:16 The Divine Consoler

Matthew 8:22 A Threefold Following

Matthew 8:23-27 Christ in the Ship

Matthew 8:24 Christ’s Power over Nature

Matthew 8:26 The Secret of Calm

Matthew 8:34 A Terrible Prayer

Matthew 9:2 Co-operation in Religion

Matthew 9:2 Healing for Body and Soul

Matthew 9:2 Good Cheer

Matthew 9:2-3 The Forgiveness of Sins

Matthew 9:2-3 The Divine Healer

Matthew 9:9 Steady Obedience

Matthew 9:9 Conversion and Confession

Matthew 9:9 Leaving All

Matthew 9:13 Mercy not Sacrifice

Matthew 9:15 Religious Observances

Matthew 9:18 The Ruler who pleaded for his daughter

Matthew 9:21 Worship and Superstition

Matthew 9:24 Not dead, but sleeping

Matthew 9:29 The Faith and the Gift

Matthew 9:35 The Great Physician

Matthew 9:36 Sheep without a Shepherd

Matthew 9:36 Service—Prayer—Method

Matthew 10:4 A chapter in Human Biography

Matthew 10:12 The Salutation of Peace

Matthew 10:23 A Counsel of Prudence

Matthew 10:30 Hairs numbered

Matthew 10:37 The Affections demanded

Matthew 10:37 A Tremendous Claim

Matthew 10:38 The Cross

Matthew 11:2-3 The Baptist’s Doubt

Matthew 11:2-3 The Question and the Answer

Matthew 11:2-3 The Witness of the Miracles

Matthew 11:4 Christianity and Human Sorrow

Matthew 11:6 Mistakes about Religion

Matthew 11:7 The Baptist’s Character

Matthew 11:11 What is True Greatness?

Matthew 11:11 Greater than the Baptist

Matthew 11:12 Heaven taken by Storm

Matthew 11:16-19 The Portrait of an Age

Matthew 11:19 In the World—not of it

Matthew 11:25-30 The Revelation of the Gospel

Matthew 11:26 The Lesson of Submission

Matthew 11:28 Christ and Labour

Matthew 11:28 Christ’s Invitation

Matthew 11:28 The Promised Rest

Matthew 11:29 Learning of Christ

Matthew 11:30 The Yoke of Christ

Matthew 12:8 Lord of the Sabbath

Matthew 12:13 ‘Christ which Strengtheneth’

Matthew 12:14-20 The Gentleness of Christ

Matthew 12:24 Opponents of Religion

Matthew 12:30 No Neutrality

Matthew 12:32 The Unpardonable Sin

Matthew 12:37 Judged by Words

Matthew 12:41 Jonah’s Mission

Matthew 12:43-45 The Devil Dethroned

Matthew 12:43-45 Negative Religion

Matthew 12:50 Christ’s Relations

Matthew 13:3 Sowers of Seed

Matthew 13:3 The Seed and the Soil

Matthew 13:3 Hindrances to Growth

Matthew 13:8-9 Preacher and People

Matthew 13:16 Blessed Eyes and Blessed Ears

Matthew 13:28 The Enemy in the Field

Matthew 13:30 Growing Together

Matthew 13:31-32 The Tree from the Seed

Matthew 13:31-32 Life in the Seed

Matthew 13:32 The Power of Leaven

Matthew 13:32 The Transforming Power of the Gospel

Matthew 13:39 What will the Harvest be?

Matthew 13:44-45 Treasure and Merchant-Man

Matthew 13:52 Things New and Old

Matthew 13:58 The Sin of Unbelief

Matthew 14:10 The Causes of Herod’s Sin

Matthew 14:21 The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Matthew 14:23 The Solitude of Christ

Matthew 14:30 Beginning to Sink

Matthew 15:13 Party Spirit

Matthew 15:14 Unconscious Blindness

Matthew 15:19 Evil Thoughts

Matthew 15:22-28 The Woman of Canaan

Matthew 15:22-28 The Importunity of Faith

Matthew 15:23 Divine Silences

Matthew 15:23 ‘He knows’

Matthew 15:28 ‘Great Faith’

Matthew 16:13-16 The Son of Man the Son of God

Matthew 16:13-16 A Threefold Revelation

Matthew 16:18 ‘Upon this Rock’

Matthew 16:18 The Church

Matthew 16:21-23 Presumption Rebuked

Matthew 16:24 On Cross-Bearing

Matthew 16:24 The Crosses of Life

Matthew 16:24 Bearing the Cross

Matthew 16:24 The Symbolism of the Cross

Matthew 16:24 The Denial of Self

Matthew 16:25 Life Saved and Lost

Matthew 17:1-2 The Mount of Transfiguration

Matthew 17:8 The Catholic Faith

Matthew 17:8 None but Christ

Matthew 17:8 All of Thee

Matthew 17:19 Faith and Service

Matthew 17:20 Limitations and Ranges of Faith

Matthew 17:20 The Reason of Failure

Matthew 17:27 The Christian Law of Love

Matthew 18:1 Who is the Greatest?

Matthew 18:3 A Misunderstood Term

Matthew 18:3 The Disciples Rebuked

Matthew 18:4 The Cultivation of Humility

Matthew 18:7 Offences and Responsibilities

Matthew 18:10 Sources of Contempt

Matthew 18:19-20 The Believer’s Prayer

Matthew 18:21-22 The Spirit of Forgiveness

Matthew 18:23 The King and His Servants

Matthew 18:32-33 The Essence of Christianity

Matthew 18:35 The Unmerciful Servant

Matthew 19:14 Of Such is the Kingdom

Matthew 19:16 The Call to Youth

Matthew 19:16 The Clear Command

Matthew 19:21 Hindrances to Perfection

Matthew 19:22 A Young Man’s Sorrow

Matthew 19:30 Positions Reversed

Matthew 20:1 The Heavenly Householder

Matthew 20:6-7 The Reform of the Idler

Matthew 20:6-7 A Parable within a Parable

Matthew 20:8 At Eventide

Matthew 20:16 Called and Chosen

Matthew 20:21-22 A Mother’s Prayer

Matthew 20:22 The Cup in Service

Matthew 20:28 A Pattern of Ministry

Matthew 20:32-33 Opened Eyes

Matthew 21:3 Sincerity in Religion

Matthew 21:3 The Lord’s Need

Matthew 21:5 The Coming King

Matthew 21:10 Who were Moved?

Matthew 21:10 A Great Question Answered

Matthew 21:10 More than a Prophet

Matthew 21:10 Our Appreciation of Christ

Matthew 21:25 The Baptism of Goodness

Matthew 21:28 The Master’s Call

Matthew 21:28-31 The Two Sons

Matthew 21:28-31 Personal Religion

Matthew 21:42 Christ the Headstone

Matthew 22:2-3 The Laws of the Kingdom

Matthew 22:4 God’s Readiness

Matthew 22:4-5 The Invitation Ignored

Matthew 22:4-5 Trifling with Religion

Matthew 22:12 The Wedding Garment

Matthew 22:14 Clad in the Garment

Matthew 22:14 Selection and Election

Matthew 22:21 God’s Claim

Matthew 22:37 The Character of Love

Matthew 22:37 God and my Neighbour

Matthew 22:37 The Central Commandment

Matthew 22:42 The Question of Questions

Matthew 22:42 Thoughts on Christ

Matthew 22:42 Prophet, Priest, and King

Matthew 22:42 The Importance of the Question

Matthew 23:12 Characteristics of a Christian

Matthew 23:23 Sins of Omission

Matthew 23:29 Pharisaic Sins

Matthew 23:34 The Christian in the World

Matthew 23:35 Contrast and Type

Matthew 23:37 The Call Rejected

Matthew 24:4 The End of the Age

Matthew 24:13 Hindrances to Endurance

Matthew 24:14 The Gospel of the Kingdom

Matthew 24:34-35 Abiding Words

Matthew 24:34-35 The Words of Christ

Matthew 24:34-35 The Words of Christ for the World’s Need

Matthew 24:34-35 Things which Endure

Matthew 24:34-35 Characteristics of Christ’s Words

Matthew 25:1 To Meet the Bridegroom

Matthew 25:8 Lamps Burning Low

Matthew 25:10 The Penalty of Neglect

Matthew 25:10 The Closed Door

Matthew 25:21 Found Faithful

Matthew 25:24-25 The Disused Talent

Matthew 25:29 The Philosophy of Life

Matthew 25:30 No Neutrality

Matthew 25:34 The Call to Glory

Matthew 25:40 Christ in His Poor

Matthew 25:46 Eternal Punishment

Matthew 26:6-7 The Discipleship of Love

Matthew 26:8 The Best is not too good

Matthew 26:21-22 Is it I?

Matthew 26:31 Over-Confidence

Matthew 26:38 Fellowship with Christ

Matthew 26:38 The Agony in the Garden

Matthew 26:41 Watch and Pray

Matthew 26:41 To Stand when Flesh is Weak

Matthew 26:63 The High Priest’s Question

Matthew 26:64 The Advents of Christ

Matthew 27:1 The Passion

Matthew 27:22 Pilate’s Question

Matthew 27:22 The Right Answer

Matthew 27:34 Christ Refusing Help

Matthew 27:38 On the Cross

Matthew 27:42 Apparent Failure

Matthew 27:46 Christ forsaken

Matthew 27:46 The Cry of Agony

Matthew 27:46 The Mysterious Cry

Matthew 27:59-60 ‘He Descended into Hell’

Matthew 18:5 Easter Fear and Easter Joy

Matthew 28:6 As He Said

Matthew 28:6 The Empty Tomb

Matthew 28:6 The Place Where the Lord Lay

Matthew 28:18-19 The Last Command

Matthew 28:18-19 The Evidential Value of Missions

Matthew 28:18-19 Authority, Commission, and Support

Matthew 28:20 The Presence of the Risen Lord

Matthew 28:20 Christ’s Promise

Matthew 28:20 A Fixed Axiom of Life

Matthew 28:20 Alive for Evermore

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