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1 Chronicles 1

Bridgeway Bible CommentaryBridgeway Bible Commentary

Verses 1-54


The long lists of names that characterize Chronicles may not make interesting reading for us today, but they were important to the original readers. First, these genealogies proved to those who returned that they were a true continuation of the former kingdom. Second, they indicated who among the people had to carry out various religious duties and who among them were of the royal family of David. The lists recorded the origin and development of each tribe in some detail, so that people would know the tribe to which they belonged.

All the tribes came from a common ancestor, Jacob, and through him from Abraham. Abraham was the true father of the nation and a key figure in God’s purposes for the human race (cf. Genesis 12:1-3; Genesis 13:14-17; Matthew 1:2-16).

The origins of Israel (1:1-54)

As in many of the genealogies of the Bible, the genealogy here is simplified. That is, it does not list the name of every person descended from one ancestor, but selects certain people and certain generations according to the purpose of the writer. In this genealogy the writer is concerned mainly with only one line of descent from Adam.
To begin with, the writer records the line of descent from Adam to Noah (1:1-4). Although he records the descendants of Noah’s three sons (5-23), he is particularly concerned with the line through Shem that produced Abraham (24-27). The nation Israel was descended from Abraham through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob, but before dealing with Israel, the writer lists people descended from Abraham’s other children (28-33) and from Isaac’s other son (34-54).

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