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Bible Commentaries
1 Chronicles 1

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-54

The two Books of Chronicles cover the period of history already studied in I and II Kings. They record this history, however, from an entirely different standpoint. The outlook is almost exclusively confined to Judah, the chronicler never referring to Israel save in cases of absolute necessity.

Moreover, the history of the tribe of Judah is the history of the house of David, all other matters being referred to only as they affect, or are affected by, the Davidic line. Moreover, the story of these two Books centers around the Temple. The chief matter in David's reign is his interest in preparing for it, while in Solomon's the chief interest is in the building thereof.

The whole period included in these genealogical tables is that from Adam to the restoration under Nehemiah. They are not exhaustive, but serve a clearly dehed purpose in that they indicate the divine choice of channels in the accomplishment of the purposes of God. Side issues are traced in certain directions, but only as they touch on the divine progress. This is indicated very clearly in the opening verse. The only son of Adam mentioned is Seth. From him the line is traced through Enoch to Noah. At this point the genealogies of Japheth and Ham are given because of the relation of their descendants to the chosen people of God. The direct line of the divine movement is taken up through Shem, and Ends a new departure in Abram. Again there is a digression from Abram in tracing the descent through Ishmael, and of that also through the sons of Keturah. The direct procession continues through Isaac. A third and somewhat elaborate excursion is made for the purpose of tracing the descendants of Esau, who came into such intimate relation to the procedure of God. Israel, however, is the son of Isaac through whom is carried forward the great program. A careful consideration of all this will show that the choice of God was ever based on character.

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