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Ezekiel 2

Barnes' Notes on the Whole BibleBarnes' Notes


The second and third chapters of Ezekiel contain the direct commission conveyed to Ezekiel in connection with the vision just recorded. The commission was repeated more than once, at what intervals of time we are not told. The communication is from without, the vision and the words are from God.

Verse 1

Son of man - This phrase (which occurs elsewhere in Scripture) is applied especially to Ezekiel and Daniel, the prophets of the captivity. Ezekiel is thus reminded of his humanity, at the time when he is especially permitted to have contact with God.

Verse 2

The spirit - i. e. “the Spirit of God.”

Verses 3-4

Nation - literally, as in the margin - the word which usually distinguishes the pagan from God’s people. Here it expresses that Israel is cast off by God; and the plural is used to denote that the children of Israel are not even “one nation,” but scattered and disunited.

Translate: “I send thee to the children of Israel, the rebellious nation that have rebelled against Me (they and their fathers have transgressed against Me, even to this very day), and the children impudent and stiff-hearted: I do send thee unto them.”

Verse 5

A rebellious house - A phrase employed continually by Ezekiel in bitter irony, in the place of house of Israel, as much as to say, “House no longer of Israel, but of rebellion.” Compare Isaiah 30:9.

Verse 9

Was sent - Rather, was put forth.

A roll of a book - The book was one of the ancient kind written on skins rolled up together. Hence, our English volume Psalms 40:7. The writing was usually on one side, but in this case it was written within and without, on both sides, the writing as it were running over, to express the abundance of the calamities in store for the devoted people. To eat the book signifies to be thoroughly possessed with its contents (compare Ezekiel 3:10; Jeremiah 15:16). There should be no break between Ezekiel 2:10 and Ezekiel 3:0.

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