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Haydock's Catholic Bible Commentary

Ezekiel 2

Verse 1

Face, to adore God. (Menochius) --- Son of man. Our Saviour, out of humility, takes this title, which no other gave him; as the angel does commonly to this prophet, who was his figure: few else have received it, (Daniel viii. 17.) but the reason is not known. (Worthington) --- God here teaches Ezechiel not to boast of the honour shewn to him, since he must always remember that he is but a feeble mortal. (Calmet)

Verse 2

Spirit of prophecy; (St. Jerome; Tirinus) or, I revived, and took courage.

Verse 3

Israel. His commission was chiefly to them. (Calmet)

Verse 5

Forbear to sin. (Haydock) --- He thus insinuates free-will. (St. Jerome) --- If they refuse to hear my prophet, they will at least perceive that hey are inexcusable. (Calmet)

Verse 6

Scorpions. This people is no less destructive (Haydock) and hardened, Psalm cxvii. 12. --- For might be better rendered, "though." (Calmet)

Verse 8

Eat. "If we do not eat the open book, we cannot teach." (St. Jerome)

Verse 9

Without. This was only done when the work was long. (Calmet) --- Scriptus et in tergo, necdum finitus Orestes. (Juvenal 1.)

--- Septuagint, "past and present things were written in it." (Haydock) --- Woe, or the words of the penitent, of the blessed, and of the damned. (Worthington) --- The canticles were of a mournful nature, and the prophet had sorrows to announce. (Calmet)

Verse 28


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