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1 Chronicles 23

Verse 1

old and full of days. Compare Abraham (Genesis 25:8), and Isaac (Genesis 35:29). David horn in 990. Now in his seventieth year.

full of = satisfied with.

made Solomon his son king. During his lifetime. This was a common practice in those days; and these co-regnant kings explain many chronological problems.

Verse 3

thirty years. According to Numbers 4:3, Numbers 4:23, Numbers 4:35, Numbers 4:47, Changed to twenty-five years by Jehovah (Numbers 8:24); and, by David"s "last words", to twenty years (1 Chronicles 23:27). Compare Ezra 3:8.

man = strong man. Hebrew. geber. App-14.

Verse 4

set forward = oversee.

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4.

Verse 5

four thousand. . . . porters. In 1Ch 26we have the ninety-three chiefs. The 212 in 1 Chronicles 9:22 pertained to the Tabernacle, not to the Temple (1 Chronicles 9:21).

Verse 8

courses: or classes. See note on 1 Chronicles 24:1, &c.

Verse 13

Amram. Compare Exodus 6:20.

Aaron and Moses. See note on Exodus 6:20.

Verse 14

the man of God. See Psalm 90, title. App-49.

God. Hebrew. Elohim.(with Art.) = the [true] God. App-4.

Verse 16

Shebuel. See note on Judges 18:30. The Chaldee paraphrase asserts that this name "Shebuel" (which means "he returned to "El, the true God") was given to Jonathan after he had returned to the fear of the Lord.

chief = head.

Verse 19

first = head.

Verse 22

brethren: or kinsmen.

took: i.e. by lot.

Verse 27

the = these.

Verse 28

office = station.

in = over.

Verse 29

Both = And. See note above.

meat offering = meal offering. Hebrew. minha. App-43.

measure and size. The standards were committed to the Levites. Honesty in dealing is part of true religion. Compare Leviticus 19:36. Deuteronomy 25:15. Proverbs 11:1; Proverbs 16:11; Proverbs 20:23. Micah 6:11. If this be so in the secular sphere, how much more in sacred things.

Verse 31

offer = offer up. Hebrew. "alah. App-43.

set feasts. Compare Numbers 28 and Numbers 29.

Verse 32

keep the charge. This is the idiom of the Pentateuch. Compare Genesis 26:5. Numbers 18:3-5.

tabernacle = tent.

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