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2 Peter 3

Verse 1

second. This shows that the epistle is addressed to the same readers as is the first.

beloved. App-135.

unto = to.

which. Plural Hence the insertion of both.

stir up. App-178. See 2 Peter 1:13.

pure. See Philippians 1:1, Philippians 1:10 (sincere).

minds = mind.

by way of = in.

remembrance. See 2 Peter 1:13.

Verse 2

That ye may = To.

be mindful. See 2 Timothy 1:4.

words. Greek. rhema. See Mark 9:32.

by. App-104.

prophets. App-189.

us the. The texts read "your".

apostles. App-189.

Lord. App-98.

Verse 3

last days. See Acts 2:17. 2 Timothy 3:1.

scoffers = mockers. Greek. empaiktes. Only here and Jude 1:18.

walking. All the texts add after walking, "in (App-104.) mockery". Greek. empaigmone. Only here. Compare Hebrews 11:36.

after. App-104.

Verse 4

coming. See Matthew 24:3.

since = from (App-104.) the (day).

fell asleep. App-171.

continue. Greek. diameno. See Galatians 1:2, Galatians 1:5.

Verse 5

this, &c. Literally this is hid from (Greek. lanthano. See Acts 26:26) them willing (App-102.) it.

word. App-121.

God. App-98.

heavens. Plural See Matthew 6:9, Matthew 6:10.

of old. Greek. ekpalai. See 2 Peter 2:3.

earth. App-129.

standing = consisting. Greek. sunistemi. See Colossians 1:17.

out of = of. App-104.

the. Omit.

in = through. App-104. 2 Peter 3:1. The reference is to Psalms 24:2; Psalms 136:5, Psalms 136:6. Compare Genesis 1:6, Genesis 1:7.

Verse 6

Whereby = By (App-104. 2 Peter 3:1) which (means).

the world, &c. Literally the then world (App-129.)

overflowed. Greek. katakluzo. Only here. Compare 2 Peter 2:5.

perished. See John 17:12.

Verse 7

kept in store = treasured up.

unto = for.

against = unto. App-104.

the = a. judgment. App-177.

perdition. See John 17:12.

ungodly. See 1 Peter 4:18.

men. App-123.

Verse 8

be not, &c. Literally let not this one thing be hidden (as 2 Peter 3:6) from you.

with. App-104.

LORD. App-98.

Verse 9

is not slack = does not delay. See 1 Timothy 3:15.

concerning. App-17.

some men. App-124.

count = reckon. Same word "account", 2 Peter 3:15.

slackness. Greek. bradutes. Only here.

to us-ward = toward (App-104.) us, but the texts read "you".

willing. App-102.

any. App-123.

repentance. App-111.

Verse 10

in the night. The texts omit. Compare 1 Thessalonians 5:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:4.

with a great noise = with a rushing sound. Greek. rhoizedon. Only here.

elements. See Galatians 1:4, Galatians 1:3.

melt = be dissolved. Greek. luo, to loose. Compare App-174.

with fervent heat = being burnt up. Greek. kausoo. Only here and 2 Peter 3:12.

therein = in (App-104.) it.

burned up. See 1 Corinthians 3:15.

Verse 11

dissolved. See "melt", 2 Peter 3:10.

be. See Luke 9:48.

conversation. See 1 Peter 1:15.

godliness. See 1 Timothy 2:2.

Verse 12

Looking for. App-133. See Luke 3:15 (be in expectation).

hasting unto = hastening. Greek. speudo. Elsewhere intransitive. Luke 19:5. Acts 22:18; &c. Man can neither hinder nor advance the kingdom of God. But here the meaning is "Looking for, yes and earnestly looking for, the coming of the day of God".

wherein = on account of (App-104. 2 Peter 3:2) which (plural)

being on fire. See Ephesians 6:16 (fiery).

melt. Greek. tekomai. Only here.

Verse 13

according to. App-104.

promise. See 2 Peter 1:4. Isaiah 65:17; Isaiah 66:22.

new. Greek. kainos. See Matthew 9:17.

wherein = in (App-104.) which.

dwelleth. See Acts 2:5.

Verse 14

such = these.

be diligent. See 2 Peter 1:10.

of Dative case. No preposition.

without spot. See 1 Timothy 6:14. blameless. Greek. amometos. See Philippians 1:2, Philippians 1:15.

Verse 15

hath written = wrote. Some think this refers to the Epistle to the Hebrews.

Verse 16

also, &c. = in all his epistles also.

speaking. App-121.7.

some. App-124. (neut).

hard, &c. Greek. dusnoetos. Only here.

unlearned. Greek. amathes. Only here. Compare Acts 4:13. 1 Corinthians 14:16. 2 Timothy 2:23.

unstable. See 2 Peter 2:14.

wrest. Greek. strebloo. Only here and in Septuagint of 2 Samuel 22:27 (m. wrestle). It means to strain or twist, and so to torture. Occurs in Apocrypha.

also, &c. = the other (App-124.) Scriptures also. Note that St. Paul"s epistles are called "Scripture".

unto. App-104.

destruction. Same as "perdition", 2 Peter 3:7.

Verse 17

know. before. Greek. proginosko. App-132.

beware = be on your guard.

lest = in order that (Greek. hina) not (Greek. me, as in 2 Peter 3:8).

led away. Greek. aunapagomai. See Romans 12:16. Galatians 1:2, Galatians 1:13.

wicked. See 2 Peter 2:7.

fall. Greek. ekpipto. Occurances: Galatians 1:5, Galatians 1:4.

stedfastness. Greek. sterigmos. Only here. The verb in 2 Peter 1:12.

Verse 18

grace. App-184.

knowledge. App-132.

Jesus Christ. App-98.

glory. See p. 1511.

for ever. App-151.

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