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Deuteronomy 6

Verse 1

these are. Hebrew "this is".

commandments. See note on Deuteronomy 5:31.

statutes, and the judgments. See note on Deuteronomy 4:1.

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4.

go. Hebrew pass over.

Verse 3

Hear . . . observe. Note the Figure of speech Paronomasia (App-6), used for emphasis: May be Englished "Hear . . . Heed".

as = according as.

the land, &c. Compare Genesis 17:8. Exodus 3:8, Exodus 3:17; Exodus 13:5; Exodus 33:3. Numbers 13:27; Numbers 13:14, Numbers 13:8; Numbers 16:13, Numbers 16:14. Joshua 5:6. Jeremiah 11:5; Jeremiah 32:22. Ezekiel 20:6, Ezekiel 20:15.

Verse 4

Hear. In the Hebrew text this word (sham"a) has the last letter majuscular (i.e. larger than the others) as also the last letter of the last word ("echad), to emphasize "the first and great commandment" (Matthew 22:38. Mark 12:29, Mark 12:30). These two letters taken together make "ed = "a witness", because God is a witness and looketh on the heart (1 Samuel 16:7). In Hebrew. shem"a yisrael yeh6va elheynu yehova. echad = "Hear, O Israel, Jehovah (the Self and ever existing One), our Elohim is one Jehovah".

one. Hebrew "ehad = a compound unity (Latin. unus), one made up of others: Genesis 1:5, one of seven; Deuteronomy 2:11, one of four; Deuteronomy 2:21, one of twenty-four; Deuteronomy 2:24, one made up of two; Deuteronomy 3:22, one of the Trinity: Deuteronomy 49:16, one of twelve; Numbers 13:23, one of a cluster. So Psalms 34:20, &c. It is not yahid, which is (Latin) unicus, unique a single, or only one, occurs twelve times: Genesis 22:2, Genesis 22:12, Genesis 22:16. Judges 11:34. Psalms 22:20; Psalms 25:16; Psalms 35:17; Psalms 68:6. Proverbs 4:3. Jeremiah 6:26. Amos 8:10. Zechariah 12:10. Hebrew of all other words for "one" is "echad.

(4-9) One of the four Phylacteries. Exodus 13:1-10; Exodus 13:11-16. Exodus 6:4-9; Exodus 11:13-21. See note on Exodus 13:1, Compare the Structures of the second pair (above).

Verse 5

love. The Law founded on love.

soul. Hebrew. nephesh. See App-13.

Verse 6

this day. See note on Deuteronomy 4:26.

Verse 7

teach. Hebrew "sharpen" or "whet" = rub them in by repetition.

Verse 8

bind. Still practiced by orthodox Jews.

hand. Some codices, with Samaritan Pentateuch, read plural "hands".

as = for.

frontlets. Greek. phylacteries = guards or watch-posts.

Verse 9

write. See note on Exodus 17:4 and App-47.

posts = door-posts. Hebrew. mezuza. Used to-day, for cases containing the Phylactery.

Verse 10

Abraham, &c. Note inclusion of all three patriarchs. See note on Deuteronomy 1:8.

Verse 12

LORD = Jehovah. Some codices, with Samaritan Pentateuch, The Targum of Jonathan ben Uzziel Septuagint, Syriac, add "thy God".

bondage. Hebrew bondmen, put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Adjunct), App-6, for their bondage.

Verse 13

Thou shalt fear. Read this verse as follows, and preserve the emphasis on "Him", and the Figure of speech Polysyndeton, App-6: "Jehovah, thy Elohim, Him shalt thou reverence, And Him shalt thou serve, And by His Name shalt thou swear. "

Verse 15

destroy = cut off: exterminate. Hebrew. shamad.

earth. Hebrew. "adamah, ground, cultivated land.

Verse 16

Ye, &c. Quoted by the Lord to Satan, and changed to sing, by adaptation. See Matthew 4:7.

tempt = try: by questioning Jehovah"s presence. This was the point in Matthew 4:7.

as = according as.

Verse 20

in time to come. Hebrew "to-morrow". Definite date put for indefinite.

Verse 22

sore. Hebrew. r"a = inflicted evil, not moral. Compare Jeremiah 18:11. Amos 3:6, and see note on Isaiah 45:7.

Verse 24

always = for all time. Hebrew all the days.

Verse 25

our righteousness. This is superseded by Romans 10:4, Romans 10:5. Galatians 1:3, Galatians 1:12. That true then: this true now. No discrepancy if the Dispensations are rightly divided according to 2 Timothy 2:15.

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