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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Genesis 45

Verse 2

wept aloud. Hebrew gave [forth] his voice in weeping, showing the intensity of feeling. See note on Genesis 42:24 .

Verse 3

I am Joseph. So the true Joseph will one day reveal Himself, and His brethren will then be troubled indeed. Revelation 1:7 . Matthew 24:30 . Zechariah 12:9-14 .

doth, &c. Figure of speech Erotesis ( App-6 ). For he had just been informed of the fact (Genesis 43:28 ).

Verse 4

whom ye sold. Words adopted by Stephen (Acts 7:9 ).

Verse 5

be not grieved, &c. Compare Acts 3:17 .

nor angry, &c. Hebrew "let not anger kindle in your eyes". Figure of speech Prosopopoeia.

God did send. So, Genesis 45:7 ; Genesis 50:20 . Psalms 105:17 . Hebrew. Elohim. App-4 .

preserve life. i.e. to preserve you a posterity in the earth (Genesis 45:7 ), and hence, to ensure the birth of the true Joseph, and all who have life eternal in Him.

Verse 6

earing = ploughing (Anglo-Saxon).

Verse 8

God. Hebrew. ha Elohim (with definite article) for emphasis = the Triune God Himself.

made me. The Severus Codex reads "lent me". See App-34 .

a father to Pharaoh. This is not the Hebrew Ab , "father"; but Ab en Perao is an Egyptian title of high office of state. See on Genesis 41:43 = first minister of Pharaoh's household.

Verse 10

children = sons. And so throughout.

Verse 12

that. Hebrew because, showing the Ellipsis (i.e. Brachyology) ; read "Benjamin; because my own mouth is speaking unto you [I cannot speak of all my glory], but ye shall tell my father of all my glory".

Verse 19

Now thou art commanded. Septuagint and Vulgate read "Thou, therefore, command them".

wagons. Not yet used in Canaan. Those in Egypt depicted as having two wheels.

Verse 20

regard not your stuff. Hebrew let not your eye pity. Figure of speech Prosopopoeia.

Verse 21

commandment. Hebrew mouth, put by Metonymy (of Cause), App-6 , for command given by it.

Verse 22

he gave. Compare Genesis 43:34 .

Verse 26

Jacob's. Hebrew his. Compare Genesis 45:28 .

fainted = began to cease beating. Compare Jacob's fainting, with Israel's "strength", Genesis 45:28 . Genesis 45:27 spirit. Hebrew. ruach, put by Metonymy (OF Cause), lor its manifestations. See App-9 .

Jacob. Note this name connected with unbelief (Genesis 45:20 ) and weakness, and

Verse 28

Israel, which is used in connection with his strength of faith, and Act 46:1 . Compare Israel's strength, with Jacob's fainting, Genesis 45:26 .

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