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Genesis 45

Hampton's Commentary on Selected BooksHampton's Commentary

Verses 1-24

Joseph Made Known to His Brothers

Joseph could restrain himself no longer, so he caused all the servants to leave. He revealed his true identity to his brothers and openly wept. The brothers were fearful but Joseph reassured them. Three times in four verses he stated God had been active in his being sold into slavery. He had sent him ahead to preserve life by making him lord over Egypt. He also told them two years of famine were past but five more were yet to come ( Gen_45:1-10 ).

Joseph directed them, especially Benjamin, to go back and assure their father they had seen him with their own eyes. He fell on Benjamin's neck for a tearful reunion. He kissed each brother and wept over them. Naturally, the report got back to Pharaoh that Joseph's brothers had come. He told Joseph to load his brothers' beasts and send them to bring back their father to live in Egypt. They were also given carts to load the children in to bring them. Pharaoh told them not to worry about bringing their possessions because they would be given the best of the land.

Joseph gave each brother a change of clothes. To Benjamin, he gave five changes of clothes and three hundred pieces of silver. Ten donkeys were loaded with good things from Egypt. Ten more were loaded with grain and bread to sustain Jacob until he could come to Egypt.

Joseph sent his brothers to get their father and bring him back. As they left, he warned themnot to quarrel along the way. They might have been tempted to argue over whose fault it had been that they sold their brother. He had already heard Reuben remind them of his warning not to sin against the boy (42:22). Joseph did not want anything to delay his reunion with his father (45:11-24).

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