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E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Isaiah 21

Verse 1

burden. The fifth of the seven burdens.

of = relating to. Genitive of Relation. App-17.

the sea. The waters of the Euphrates in flood were so called, as the Nile was (Isaiah 19:6). Compare Revelation 17:3, Revelation 17:15.

whirlwinds = storms.

pass = sweep.

Verse 2

dealer = one.

sighing. Caused by the oppression of Babylon.

Verse 4

night. A Homonym. Hebrew. nesheph = darkness, here, but daylight in Job 7:4. 1 Samuel 30:17. See notes there. The Revised Version, in doubt, renders it here "twilight".

pleasure = joy.

fear = trembling.

Verse 5

Prepare, &c. Figure of speech Irony. App-6.

Verse 7

a chariot = a troop.

a chariot with a couple of horsemen = a troop of horsemen in pairs.

Verse 8

Alion: My LORD*. Read: [as] a lion, "O LORD", &c.

Verse 9

men. Hebrew. "ish. App-14.

Babylon is fallen, &c. Note the Figure of speech Epizeuxis, for emphasis.

the graven images of her gods. Reference to Pentateuch. Phrase peculiar to Deuteronomy 7:25; Deuteronomy 12:3. App-92.

Verse 10

threshing. Put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Cause) for the results of it. Here = my oppressed People. Compare Isaiah 41:15. Micah 4:13. Jeremiah 51:33.

corn of my floor. Literally son of my threshingfloor.

the LORD of hosts. See note on Isaiah 1:9.

the God of Israel. See note on Isaiah 29:23.

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4.

Verse 11

burden. The sixth of the seven burdens.

Dumah = Edom. An abbreviated form of fuller name "Idumea" (Isaiah 34:5. Ezekiel 35:15; Ezekiel 36:5. Mark 3:8).

Dumah = silence, prophetic of its end.

Seir. The inheritance of Esau (or Edom).

what of the night? = how far is it in the night? Note the Figure of speech Epizeuxis. Repeated in an abbreviated form thus: Hebrew. shomer mah-millayelah? shomer ma-milleyl ? = how far gone is the night? how far gone the night? This is Edom"s inquiry.

Verse 12

The morning cometh, &c. This may be the oracle of silence implied in the name "Dumah" (see above, and compare Psalms 94:17; Psalms 115:17).

if ye will inquire. Isaiah had no answer. He is silent, but intimates that they may inquire again.

Verse 13

burden. The seventh and last of the seven burdens

upon Arabia: ba"rab = in Arabia.

in Arabia: or, in the evening, or, at sunset. The name is as significant as "Dumah" (Isaiah 21:11).

travelling companies = caravans.

Dedanim = Dedanites, Descendants of Abraham by Keturah: Dedan, son of Midian (Genesis 25:3. 1 Chronicles 1:32).

Verse 14

Tema. Descendants of Abraham through Hagar and Ishmael (Genesis 25:3. 1 Chronicles 1:32)

: both mentioned in Jeremiah 25:23. Job 6:19.

brought = bring ye.

prevented = meet ye.

Verse 15

they fled. From the Assyrian invaders.

Verse 16

Within a year. Later afflictions were foretold in Jeremiah 49:28.

Kedar. Another descendant of Abraham by Hagar through Ishmael (Genesis 25:13).

Verse 17

mighty men. Hebrew. gibbor. App-14.

children = sons.

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