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Isaiah 56

Verse 1

justice = righteousness.

Verse 2

man = (mortal) man. Hebrew. "enosh. App-14.

this . . . it. This righteousness . . . this salvation. Both Feminine.

of man = of Adam. Hebrew. "adam. App-14.

keepeth the sabbath. Reference to Pentateuch (Exodus 20:8-11).

Verse 3

stranger = foreigner. Hebrew. nakar. See Proverbs 5:3.

speak = think.

Behold. Figure of speech Asterismos.

Verse 4

choose. See note on Isaiah 1:29.

Verse 5

place: or, trophy. Hebrew hand.

Verse 7

to = into. Some codices read "upon".

holy. See note on Exodus 3:5.

house of prayer. See quotation below. shall be accepted = for acceptance.

Mine house, &c. Quoted in Matthew 21:13. Mark 11:17. Luke 19:46. Contrast "your house" (Matthew 23:38).

people = peoples.

Verse 8

The Lord GOD. Hebrew Adonai Jehovah.

Verse 11

greedy = strong of soul. Hebrew. nephesh (App-13) =

strong of appetite: i.e., as well rendered, "greedy".

every one. Hebrew. "Ish. App-14.

Verse 12

wine. Hebrew. yayin. App-27.

strong drink. Hebrew. shekar. App-27.

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