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Isaiah 8

Bullinger's Companion Bible NotesBullinger's Companion Notes

Verse 1

Moreover. There is no break in the prophecy.

roll = tablet. Elsewhere only in Isaiah 3:23 .

in it = on it.

a man's pen = the carving tool of the people. The writing was to be legible, in the language of the common people (not in the language of the priests or educated classes). Eastern languages have these two, down to the present day. Compare Habakkuk 2:2 . "Pen" is put by Figure of speech Metonymy , for the writing written by it.

man's = a common man's. Hebrew. 'enosh. concerning = "for Maher, &c. "

Maher-shalal-hash-baz = haste, spoil, speed, prey. (Note the Alternation .) These words are explained in Isaiah 8:4 , and may be connected thus: he hasteneth [to take the] spoil, he speeds [to seize] the prey. This child was a sign, as also the child in Isaiah 7:14 .

Verse 2

Uriah = Urijah. See 2 Kings 16:10 .

Zechariah. Probably the father-in-law of Ahaz (2 Kings 18:2 ).

Verse 4

before. The interval was twenty-one months from the prophecy, twelve from the birth.

child = sucking child: as in Isaiah 7:16 . Not the same word as in Isaiah 8:18

shall be taken. So it was: in the third year of Ahaz, Damascus was sacked and Rezin was slain.

taken = carried away.

Verse 5

again. See note on Isaiah 7:10 .

Verse 6

Shiloah: i.e. the waters beneath Zion running from Gihon to Siloam. See App-68 .

rejoice in Kezin. This is not "a wrong reading of the Hebrew text", hut it refers to the trust reposed in the king of Syria instead of in Jehovah (Isaiah 7:9 ). They despised God's covenant with Zion (symbolized by its secret stream), and preferred the help of the heathen; therefore the Assyrian floods should overwhelm them. (Compare the same contrast in Psalms 46:3 , Psa 46:45 ; and see notes there.) This applied specially to Israel: and the judgment overtook Israel first.

Verse 7

channels. Hebrew. 'aphiklm. See note on 1 Samuel 22:16 .

Verse 8

his wings. Probably referring to the wings of his army.

Irnmanuel = GOD with us. This shows that the prophecy in Isaiah 7:14 was not to be exhausted with Ahaz and his times.

Verse 9

Associate yourselves = Make friendships.

people = nations.

gird yourselves. Note the Figure of speech Repetitio for emphasis. Occurs in "former" portion here only, and in the "latter" portion only in Isaiah 45:5 with Isaiah 50:11 . App-79 .

Verse 10

GOD is with us = Hebrew. lmmanu-El. See Isaiah 8:8 . App-4 .

Verse 12

confederacy. Hebrew. kesher. Never used in a good sense.

to all them to whom = whensoever, or whereof.

neither, &c. Quoted in 1 Peter 3:14 , 1 Peter 3:15 .

their fear = what they fear, or with their fear.

Verse 13

Sanctify = Hallow, regard as holy. Compare Isaiah 29:23 . See note on Exodus 3:5 . Reference to Pentateuch (Numbers 20:12 ; Numbers 27:14 ).

the LORD of hosts. See note on Isaiah 1:9 and 1 Samuel 1:9 .

be your dread = inspire you with awe. Quoted in 1 Peter 3:13-15 .

Verse 14

for a stone of stumbling. Compare 1 Peter 2:7 , 1 Peter 2:8 . Luke 20:17 . Romans 9:32 , Romans 9:33 ; Romans 11:11 .

gin = a trap.

Verse 15

stumble. fall, &c. Note the Figure of speech Synomymia.

Verse 16

testimony. law. No Art. either here or in Isaiah 8:20 . Note the Structure, above, and the Introversion of these two words. See note on Isaiah 1:10 .

disciples = instructed ones.

Verse 17

wait. Reference to Pentateuch (Genesis 49:18 ).

the house of Jacob. See note on Isaiah 2:5 .

and I will look, &c. See Hebrews 2:13 .

Verse 18

children = young children. Not the same word as in Isaiah 8:4 .

signs and for wonders. Compare Isaiah 20:3 . Reference to Pentateuch Exodus 7:3 .Deuteronomy 4:34 ; Deuteronomy 6:22 .

dwelleth = is making His dwelling, or is about to dwell.

Verse 19

when = should.

familiar spirits. See note on Leviticus 19:31 .

peep. Hebrew. zaphaph . Occurs only in Isaiah; and this form, only in Isaiah 10:14 , elsewhere, in Isaiah 29:4 (whisper); Isaiah 38:14 (chatter). It is used of an unearthly sound.

mutter: i, e. with indistinct sounds. This refers to the low incantations which, in the Babylonian and Egyptian "mysteries", had to be recited in a whisper (like certain parts of the Roman Missal). A whole series is called "the ritual of the whispered charm".

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4 .

for the living to the dead. Supply the Figure of speech Ellipsis from the preceding clause ( App-6 ), and render: "Should not any People seek unto its God? for [should] the living [seek unto] the dead? "This is a solemn warning against all ancient and modern Spiritists.

Verse 20

there is no light in them = there shall be no morning for them. All are in darkness who do not speak by and appeal to the revealed Word of God.

Verse 21

they: i.e. they who live not in the light of God's Word.

it: i.e. Immanuel's land. The singular number and same verb, referring back to Isaiah 8:8 .

hardly bestead = in hard case.

fret themselves. Compare. Revelation 16:11 , Revelation 16:21 .

look upward: [in vain].

Verse 22

the earth = the land.

dimness of anguish = the gloom of anguish.

driven to = thrust out into.

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