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Bible Commentaries
Job 7

Bullinger's Companion Bible NotesBullinger's Companion Notes

Verse 1

Is there not. ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 .

an appointed time = a warfare. Compare Job 14:14 .

man = mortal man.

are not. ? Figure of speech Erotesis.

Verse 2

the shadow = the shade: i.e. daytime.

work. Put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Effect), App-6 , for the wages or reward gained by work: i.e. evening.

Verse 4

dawning. Hebrew. nesheph. A Homonym, having two meanings: (1) as here, daylight; (2) darkness. See notes on 1 Samuel 30:17 . 2Ki 7:5 , 2 Kings 7:7 .

Verse 7

wind. Hebrew. ruach. App-9 .

Verse 9

the grave. Hebrew. Sheol. See App-35 .

Verse 10

know = recognize.

Verse 11

spirit. Hebrew. ruach. App-9 .

Verse 12

Am I. ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 .

whale = a sea-monster.

watch = a bound. Compare Jeremiah 6:22 .

over = about, as in Job 13:27 . Proverbs 8:29 .

Verse 13

complaint = complainings.

Verse 15

rather than my life = by mine [own] hands.

life = bones, or limbs: i.e. hands.

Verse 16

loathe [it] = loathe [life], Job 7:16 is parenthetical, being the thought of suicide, which intrudes itself upon him.

Verse 17

What is man . . . ? Figure of speech Erotesis. App-6 .

Verse 18

every morning. Figure of speech Synecdoche (of Part), App-6 , put for all time: i.e. continuously.

Verse 20

men. Hebrew. 'adam. App-14 .

to myself. One of the emendations of the Sopherim ( App-33 ), by which the primitive text "unto Thee" was altered to the current text (by the omission of the last letter) to "unto myself".

Verse 21

transgression. Hebrew pasha'.

iniquity. Hebrew. 'avah.

Bibliographical Information
Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Job 7". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/eng/bul/job-7.html. 1909-1922.
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