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Proverbs 23

Verse 1

When = Forasmuch as. Taking the act for granted.

thou. The second person is continued down to Proverbs 23:24.

Consider = Discern.

what: or, who.

Verse 2

And put = Then thou wilt put.

a man given, &c. Illustrations: Esau (Genesis 25:30); Isaac (Genesis 25:28; Genesis 27:4); those referred to in Philippians 1:3, Philippians 1:18, Philippians 1:19.

appetite = soul. Hebrew. nephesh. App-13.

Verse 3

dainties = dainty meals.

deceitful meat = meat that deceives. Hebrew. kazah. See note on Proverbs 11:18.

Verse 4

Labour not, &c. Illustrations: Lot (Genesis 13:10, Genesis 13:13); the rich fool (Luke 12:16-20. Compare Proverbs 10:16). See Jeremiah"s advice (Jeremiah 45:5).

wisdom. Hebrew. binah. See note on Proverbs 1:2. Not the same word as in verses: Proverbs 23:9, Proverbs 23:23.

Verse 5

For. This is the reason why "it is gone".

Verse 7

thinketh, &c. = estimates himself.

heart = soul. Hebrew. nephesh.

Verse 9

fool. Hebrew. kesil. See note on Proverbs 1:7.

he will despise. Illustration: Amaziah (2 Chronicles 25:1, 2 Chronicles 25:16).

wisdom = intelligence. Hebrew. sekel. See note on Proverbs 1:2. Not the same word as in verses: Proverbs 23:4, Proverbs 23:23.

words = sayings. Hebrew. millah = discourse.

Verse 10

old landmark = ancient boundary. Compare Proverbs 22:28.

fields. Some codices, with Aramaean, Septuagint, Syriac, and Vulgate, read "field" (singular)

fatherless. Put by Figure of speech Synecdoche (of Species), for all bereaved ones.

Verse 11

Redeemer = kinsman-redeemer. Hebrew. ga"al. See note on Exodus 6:6; Exodus 13:13.

Verse 13

child = youth.

Verse 14

deliver = rescue.

hell = hades. See App-35.

Verse 16

reins = kidneys. Put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Adjunct), App-6, for affections and impulses.

Verse 17

sinners. Hebrew. chata". App-44.

the fear of the LORD. See note on Proverbs 1:7.

Verse 18

an end = a hereafter, or latter end.

expectation. Hebrew. tikvah. See note on Proverbs 10:28.

Verse 19

my son. Note the characteristic of this member (p 891).

Verse 20

winebibbers. Hebrew. yayin (App-27.) and saba" = drinkers to excess.

eaters of flesh = selfish eaters.

Verse 21

poverty = dispossession. Hebrew. yarash. See note on Proverbs 6:11.

Verse 22

Hearken. This determines the Structure (p. 891).

thy father. Note this mark of "Proverbs FOR Solomon".

Verse 23

wisdom. Hebrew. chakmah. See note on Proverbs 1:2. Not the same word as in verses: Proverbs 23:4, Proverbs 23:8.

Verse 24

the righteous = a just one.

Verse 26

heart. Put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Adjunct), for attention.

observe = delight in.

Verse 27

strange = foreign. Hebrew. nakar. See note on Proverbs 2:16; Proverbs 5:3. Not the same word as in Proverbs 23:33.

Verse 28

transgressors = traitors.

Verse 30

wine. Hebrew. yayin. App-27.

mixed wine. Hebrew. mimsak. App-27.

Verse 31

his colour = its sparkle.

Verse 33

strange = apostate. Hebrew. zur. See note on Proverbs 2:16, Proverbs 5:3. Not the same word as in Proverbs 23:27.

Verse 34

midst. Hebrew "heart".

top = basket: i.e. the look-out basket or cradle on the mast.

Verse 35

felt = knew.

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