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Psalms 103

Verse 1

Title. of David: i.e. relating to the true David.

Bless. Figure of speech Apostrophe.

the LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. with "eth = Jehovah Himself.

my soul = me myself. Hebrew. nephesh. App-13.

holy. See note on Exodus 3:5.

name. See note on Psalms 20:1.

Verse 2

all = any of.

benefits = dealings.

Verse 3

forgiveth = passeth over. This verb, with its adjective and subs., is never used but of God. Literal. That is the Forgiver. Compare Psalms 103:14 and note there.

iniquities. Hebrew. "avah. So some codices, with one early printed edition, Septuagint and Vulgate (plural); other codices read singular.

Verse 4

redeemeth: i.e. as a kinsman. Hebrew. ga"al. See note on Exodus 6:6.

tender mercies = compassions.

Verse 6

The LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4.

Verse 7

ways: i.e. the reasons of His acts (esoteric) to Moses. acts: i.e. the acts (exoteric) visible to the People.

children = sons.

Verse 8

merciful = compassionate, or pitiful. Compare Psalms 103:13.

Slow to anger = long-suffering.

mercy = lovingkindness, or grace. Compare Exodus 34:6, Exodus 34:7.

Verse 9

His anger. The Ellipsis is correctly supplied from the preceding line.

Verse 10

sins. Hebrew. chata. App-44.

Verse 11

great = mighty, or hath prevailed.

toward = upon.

fear = revere.

Verse 12

transgressions. Hebrew. pasha". App-44.

Verse 14

frame = formation. He remembereth. Compare Isaiah 29:16; Isaiah 45:9, Isaiah 45:10 : i.e. God remembers what man forgets (i.e. our infirmities); and He forgets what man remembers (i.e. our sins). See Isaiah 43:25; Isaiah 44:22. Jeremiah 31:34. Compare Isaiah 55:8.

dust. See Genesis 2:7; Genesis 3:19. Ecclesiastes 12:7.

Verse 15

man. Hebrew. "enosh. App-14.

Verse 16

wind. Hebrew. ruach. App-9.

it is gone = there is no sign of it.

the place . . . know it. Figure of speech Prosopopoeia.

know = recognize.

Verse 17

But. Blessed contrast.

Verse 19

prepared = established.

Verse 20

ye. Some codices, with Septuagint and Vulgate, read "all ye".

That excel = That are mighty.

commandments = commandment (singular)

Verse 21

ministers: i.e. the angels. Compare Psalms 104:4. Hebrews 1:14.

Verse 22

dominion = sovereignty.

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