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Psalms 86

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Verse 1

Title. A Prayer = An Intercession, or Hymn. Compare Psalms 72:20 , referring to the whole of Book II. Hebrew. Tephillah. See App-63 .

of David. The only Psalm in this third book ascribed to David. Refers to David's Son and Lord.

LORD. Hebrew. Jehovah. App-4 .

hear = answer.

poor = helpless. Hebrew. 'ebyon. See note on Proverbs 6:11 .

Verse 2

soul. Hebrew. nephesh. App-13 .

holy = one whom Thou favourest.

God. Hebrew. Elohim. App-4 .

trusteth = confideth. Hebrew. batah, App-69 .

Verse 3

Be merciful = Show me favour, or Be gracious.

LORD*. One of the 134 places where the Sopherim say they changed Jehovah to Adonai. See App-32 .

daily = all the day.

Verse 5

plenteous. Compare Exodus 34:6 .

mercy = lovingkindness, or grace.

Verse 8

gods. Hebrew. 'elohim = judges. See note on Exodus 21:6 ; Exodus 22:8 , Exodus 22:9 .

Verse 9

shall glorify. Compare Isaiah 66:23 .

Verse 10

For. Compare Psalms 86:5 in the Structure.

doest = a doer.

Verse 11

Unite my heart. Septuagint, Syriac, and Vulg, read "Let my heart rejoice".

fear = revere.

name. See note on Psalms 20:1 .

Verse 13

the lowest hell = Sheol beneath.

hell. Hebrew Sheol. App-35 . Not the language of "Semitic heathenism", but the inspired revelation of Divine eschatology.

Verse 15

GOD. Hebrew El. App-4 .

full of compassion, &c. Compare Exodus 34:6 .

Verse 16

have mercy upon = show favour, or he gracious to.

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Bullinger, Ethelbert William. "Commentary on Psalms 86". "Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". 1909-1922.