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Revelation 19

Verse 1

And. Omit.

after, &c. See Revelation 4:1.

heard. The texts add "as it were".

in. App-104.

heaven. See Revelation 3:12.

Alleluia. See Psalms 104:35.

Salvation = The salvation.

glory = the glory. See p. 1511.

and honour. The texts omit.

power = the power. App-172.1 and Revelation 176:1.

unto, &c. The texts read "of our God".

Lord. App-98.

God. App-98.

Verse 2

true. App-175.

righteous. App-191.

judgments. App-177.

hath. Omit.

judged. App-122.

earth. App-129.

servants. App-190.

Verse 3

said = have said Notice Figure of speech Epanadiplosis. App-6.

rose = goeth.

for, &c. See Revelation 1:6 and App-151. a.

Verse 4

elders. See Revelation 4:4.

beasts. Greek. zoa, as Revelation 4:6. Elders and beasts mentioned here for the last time.

worshipped. App-137.

That sat. Literally the (One) sitting. on. App-104. with texts.

Amen. See Revelation 3:14 and p. 1511 (Verily).

Verse 5

out of = from. Greek. ek, but the texts read apo. App-104.

servants. App-190. See Psalms 134:1.

and, both. Omit.

Verse 6

mighty. Compare App-172.

God. App-98. Most of the texts read "our God".

Omnipotent = The Omnipotent. App-98. "Almighty" in Revelation 19:15.

Verse 7

rejoice = be exceeding glad. Only here in Rev. First occurance: Matthew 5:12.

honour = the glory. See Revelation 19:1.

marriage = marriage-feast. Greek. gamos. See Matthew 22:2, &c.; Revelation 25:10; and (Septuagint) Genesis 29:22. Esther 1:5; Esther 2:18; Esther 9:22. In Revelation 19:9 "supper". See App-140and App-197.

wife. Greek. gune. Here and Revelation 21:9 "wife". Elsewhere in Rev. "woman".

Verse 8

that = in order that. Greek. hina.

clean and white. The texts read "bright and pure". See Revelation 15:6.

righteousness. App-191. Plural.

saints = the saints. See Acts 9:13.

Verse 9

unto = to.

Blessed. Greek. makarios. The fourth of the seven occurrences of "Blessed" in Rev., and the forty-seventh in N.T. See Matthew 5:3.

called . . . Lamb. See Psalms 45:14 for some of the "called" there indicated.

unto. App-104.

supper. Greek. deipnon. First occurrence Matthew 23:6. Here equivalent to the marriage feast of Revelation 19:7.

unto = to.

true. App-175.

sayings. App-121.

Verse 10

at = before. Greek. emprosthen.

worship. App-137.

said. Literally saith.

unto = to.

See. App-133.

fellowservant. Greek. sundoulos. Here, Revelation 6:11; Revelation 22:9, in Rev.

of = with.

have = hold.

testimony. See Revelation 1:2.

Jesus. App-98.

spirit. App-101.

prophecy. Greek. propheteia. Occurs seven times in Rev. See Revelation 1:3. This testimony may be as concerning Jesus, or as sent or borne by Him, as in Revelation 1:1

Verse 11

saw. App-133.

heaven = the heaven. See Revelation 3:12.

behold. App-133.

white horse. Contrast that and its rider of Revelation 6:2.

He That sat, &c. The prophecy in Zechariah 9:9 as to the Lord entering Jerusalem riding on an ass was fulfilled literally (Matthew 21:4-11); why then stumble, as do some, at the prediction here of "this same Jesus" riding on a "white horse"? Zechariah 9:9, Zechariah 9:10 takes in both comings. See also Psa 45.

upon him = thereon.

upon. App-104.

Faithful. App-150and App-175

True. App-175.

righteousness. App-191.

judge. App-122.

Verse 12

His. Read "And His".

were, as = are. The texts omit "as".

on. Same as "upon", Revelation 19:11.

crowns = diadems. See Revelation 12:3; Revelation 13:1.

had = hath.

no man = no one. Greek. oudeis.

knew. App-132.

but = if (App-118. a) not

Verse 13

dipped = dyed, or stained. Greek. bapto, as Luke 16:24. John 13:26. Some texts read "sprinkled", Greek. rhantizo. See the word in Hebrews 9:13.

in = with. No preposition. Compare Isaiah 9:5; Isaiah 63:1-6.

called. If the comma is after "called", as in some Bibles, it would mean"announced" or "called", with inverts: if omitted, it is descriptive without inverts.

Word. App-121.

Verse 14

were = are.

upon. As "on", Revelation 19:4.

Verse 15

This verse contains references to Psalms 2:9. Isaiah 11:4; Isaiah 49:2; Isaiah 63:3.

out of. App-104.

rule. Literally "shepherd". Greek. poimaino. See Revelation 2:27; Revelation 2:7. Revelation 2:17; Revelation 12:5.

rod = sceptre. See Psalms 2:9.

and. The texts read here "of the Almighty" (Revelation 19:6).

Verse 16

KING . . . LORDS. See Revelation 17:14. Here at length we have the final fulfillment of Psa 2

Verse 17

saw. App-133.

an = one.

the midst of heaven = mid-heaven, as Revelation 14:6.

gather . . . together. The texts read "be gathered together".

the supper . . . God. The texts read "the great supper of God".

Verse 18

the. Omit.

mighty. Compare App-172.

men, men. Omit.

free. See Revelation 6:15.

bond. App-190. See verses: Revelation 19:2, Revelation 19:5. Compare Ezekiel 39:17-22 concerning this, or a subsequent, period. The invitation of "beasts" to the feast in Ezekiel not mentioned here.

Verse 19

gathered together. Greek. sunago, as Revelation 19:17.

war. The texts add "the". See Revelation 16:14.

against = with. Greek. meta. App-104.

That sat = Who sitteth.

on. App-104.

Verse 20

taken = arrested. In Acts 12:4 and 2 Corinthians 11:32, "apprehend". See the use of the verb in John 7:30; John 10:39.

false prophet. See Revelation 16:13 with Revelation 20:10.

Wrought = did. Greek. poieo. Same as "make", Revelation 19:19.

miracles = the signs. App-176.

deceived. App-128.

worshipped. App-137.

cast, &c. Compare Daniel 7:11.

a = the.

brimstone. Greek. theion. See Revelation 9:17.

Verse 21

the remnant = the rest. App-124.

proceeded. The texts read "came forth".

with App-104.

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