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Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes

Song of Solomon 7

Verse 1

with shoes = with sandals.

prince's daughter = noble maiden.

the joints of thy thighs = thy rounded thighs.

the hands of a cunning workman = hands of steadiness: i.e. work not hastily done. See note on "as one brought up", &c, Proverbs 8:30 .

Verse 2

liquor = spiced wine.

belly = body.

Verse 3

roes = fawns.

Verse 4

the gate of Bath-rabbim = the populous gate.

Verse 5

held in the galleries = captivated by the ringlets.

Carmel = the [mount] Carmel.

Verse 6

pleasant = charming.

love. Hebrew 'ahabah = love in the abstract. It is not the person who is here addressed. See note on Song of Solomon 2:7 .

for delights = among delightsome things.

Verse 9

the roof of thy mouth = the palate. Put by Figure of speech Metonymy (of Adjunct), App-6 , for speech.

wine. Hebrew. yayin. App-27 .

the lips of those that are asleep = slumbering lips.

Verse 10

I am my beloved's = I belong to my beloved: referring to her beloved shepherd. The Shulamite speaks, and thus gently but firmly refuses the king's advances.

Verse 11

Come, my beloved. (Masc). See note on Song of Solomon 1:2 . Thus she apostrophises her beloved (shepherd).

Verse 12

loves = endearments. Hebrew. dodim, as in Song of Solomon 1:2 , Song of Solomon 1:4 , and Song of Solomon 4:10 , Song of Solomon 4:10 .

Verse 13

give a smell = diffuse their fragrance.

our gates = our gateways.

laid up = reserved.

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