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1 Kings 2

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-46

  1. Intro: Inauguration Day
    1. Well as our countries 58th Inauguration Schedule starts tomorrow, we’ll have our countries 45th President being Inaugurated on Friday. The big transfer of power. What kind of leader will he be? Will he be for the people or for himself? Will those who oppose him continue to protest?
      1. Well, nothing has changed in 3000 years. That’s exactly what the nation of Israel was asking back in their day with Solomon ascending to the throne.
        1. Fears, concerns, positioning, politicking, there’s nothing new under the sun.
    2. David was in the valley of the shadow of death yet he feared no evil...because his God was with him.
      1. He’s about to die so he gives his son a charge.
      2. Put yourself in David’s place. What would your final charge be?
      3. What do you think is the most important thing to tell or remind your kids about?
        1. Ask - 1 thing?
      4. Does our own life reflect the charges we would give them? If not we can fix it now
        1. If we aren’t living out our charges, why would/should our children listen to us?
        2. Our actions are louder than our words.
        3. Have we showed our children what to do w/temptation? w/failure? w/success? w/relationship issues? Have we taught them how to honestly seek refuge in Him? Trust Him? Look to Him and His Word for wisdom in every situation? or Where to find our peace? Let’s look at David’s charge to Solomon.
    1. David’s advice to Solomon was twofold: his 1st words were theological. And he gave him practical political advice.
    2. Theological (1-4)
      1. It reminds us of the book of Deuteronomy and the warnings given to the Kings.
      2. If Solomon and his sons after him wanted to remain on the throne, they must walk in God’s ways and faithfulness, with all their heart and soul.
        1. This became the standard by which all later kings of Israel and Judah were judged.
        2. Read Deut.17:18-20
        3. Wisdom for us today:
          1. Don’t trust what you can accumulate in this world...trust God.
            1. It’s Gods role to run the universe & my role to Trust Him.
          2. Have a copy of Scripture with you (easy now on phones). Read it daily. A goal is to learn to fear God. Do what it says.
        4. Questions: [please don’t think of Sunday School answers, think soul-ish]
          1. Why do you personally do devotions? What do you hope to get out of it? What should be your take away/goal?
          2. How do you get there? How do you do it personally?
          3. What do you struggle with the most? Consistency or actually getting something out of it? [how to mitigate both]
        5. Ps.119:147 I rise before the dawning of the morning, And cry for help (prayer); I hope in Your word (devotions).
          1. It’s here where I learned my bible. This is where you will grow in your Christianity.
          2. I learned it contains, all things that pertain to life & godliness.
      3. David charges him w/3 things: [1] Be Strong/courageous. [2] Be a man. [3] Do what God says (by walking in His ways, keeping His statutes, commandments, judgements, & testimonies...basically just keep all that Moses wrote).
        1. Why? well, for your pathway to prosperity & peace! It’s prosperity/success in all you do & where ever you go.
        2. So what can the bible do for me? See what David said in Ps.19:7-11 on what the bible can do for you...IF you read it, meditate on it & obey it.
          1. These are virtually synonyms, yet shades of distinction:
          2. Law/instruction. Testimony/a witness to God’s will & man’s duty. Statutes or precepts/a collection of specific injunctions. Commandment/that which expresses the will of a personal God. Fear/ that which brings reverence for God. Judgments/a group of judgments (see 11a).
          3. What it is? It is perfect, sure/trustworthy, right, pure, clean/clear, true & righteous.
          4. What it does? It refreshes the inner man; makes the simple wise; brings joy to the heart, & sheds light on the way of life.
    3. Political (5-9)
      1. Joab - actually David’s nephew, was loyal to David, but then supported Adonijah Solomon’s rival.
      2. Barzillai sons - David owed loyalty, so loyalty was to be shown.
        1. Barzallai was a loving charming octogenarian, matter of fact we meet him on his birthday. An 80 yr old rich man, who liberally provided for the King & his
          1. At a low time in David’s life, just returning from fleeing from Absalom, Absalom now dead, He provided for David & all his men & then helped him cross the Jordan.
          2. David asked for him to come w/him. But he felt his services were trivial & unworthy of any payback. He sent Chimham on his behalf because he was too old to appreciate good food & music (pure grace).
          3. David kissed Barzillai & blessed him. We learn from him not only how to live and how to grow old gracefully....but also how to die gracefully. 2 Sam.19:31-39
      3. Shimei - who caused David harm when he was most vulnerable.
        1. 2 Sam.16:5-14. When David had fled Jerusalem, Shimei (fam of Saul) came out cursing David, throwing stones.
        2. David promise not to execute him himself, but he deserve death nonetheless. D. Death of David (10,11) - Age 70.
  3. SOLOMON EXECUTES ADONIJAH (12-25) his step-brother
    1. (15) Adonijah’s political aspirations didn’t end at Solomons coronation. Ordering a recount of ballots :)
      1. He still believed that the people wanted him to reign.
      2. Now that David was dead, Adonijah was able to make his move.
    2. (16) do not deny me - do not turn away the face. Think opp Num 6. Think the cross.
  4. SOLOMON EXILES ABIATHAR (26,27) the high priest
    1. ​​​​​​​Abiathar - the priest who sided with Adonijah was now removed from his post.
      1. This was a fulfillment of 1 Sam.2:31-35. Abiathar was was a direct descendent of Eli. This priestly line was to be cut off because of the sins of Eli.
      2. With the removal of Abiathar, the priestly office was given to Zadok, where it remained throughout the monarchy.
    2. (26) Anathoth - A Levitical city in the territory of Benjamin, about 3 miles N/E of Jerusalem. Centuries later, it was the hometown of the prophet Jeremiah.
  5. SOLOMON EXECUTES JOAB (28-35) the high priest
    1. ​​​​​​​(28) Though he had not defected to Absalom - Beware of thinking that the areas of your life where you have experienced victory in the past, are now the least likely to cause you to stumble and fall.
      1. Always remain alert as where he was successful earlier in his life, now toward the end, he turned to follow after the weak and cowardly Adonijah.
    2. Joab who supported Adonijah’s bid for the throne, sought sanctuary at the horns of the altar.
      1. But there is never forgiveness when you’re holding on to unconfessed sins.
      2. You cannot gain exemption, mercy, nor grace from punishment...by any external rights.
      3. The cross itself will not save if we have not the spirit of the cross within. One must be contrite and penitent, believing and forgiving.
    3. Benaiah - born well, who sought to live well. (son of a valiant man, 1Chron.11:22)
      1. 3 glimpses of his bravery - [1] He confronted & killed 2 lion-like heroes of Moab. [2] He attacked a former NBA star, a very tall Egyptian at 7’6” with a huge spear. Benaiah came at him with just his staff, did some Kung Fu Panda on him, & then killed him with his own spear. [3] Saw a lion caught in a pit, jumped down in it & slew the lion. (remember David also slew a lion)
  6. SOLOMON EXECUTES SHIMEI (36-46) the high priest
    1. ​​​​​​​Shimei - was basically placed under house arrest and confined to Jerusalem where he would be in constant surveillance.
      1. He left the city on personal business, thus condemning himself.
      2. Now, Solomon’s last enemy was removed.
    2. (45) King Solomon will be blessed - Solomon’s self-benediction may be an attempt to counteract Shimei’s curse.
    3. Wrap up:
    4. Here, Solomon carefully eliminated all opposition to the throne. By doing so, established power over all Israel.
      1. In the ancient Near East, it was common to eliminate individuals who represented a potential threat to the newly established king, particularly if the king acceded to the throne in an unusual fashion.
      2. If these many judgments of Solomon seem cruel, keep in mind that these were enemies of the king and therefore enemies of the Lord.
    5. Politics in ancient Israel had a very sharp edge to it, much like many places in our world today. That is very foreign to us in the West.
      1. It isn’t easy to reconcile the bloody actions of David and Solomon with the teachings of Jesus.
        1. David and Solomon sought to act wisely and be faithful to God in difficult circumstances.
    6. Notice that God, nor the biblical writers apologize for their actions. And no attempt was made in the Bible by a later writer to clean up the text, to set a more politically correct mood.
    7. As Christians today, we must follow the teachings of Jesus, and let God take care the actions of others. *Slide15
      1. ​​​​​​​Rom.12:19 Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, I will take revenge; I will pay them back, says the Lord.
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