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1 Samuel 10

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Verses 1-27

  1. INTRO:
    1. David LeCompte: Mission International. New book out, “Beyond the Crescent Curtain.”
    2. 1st service: Samuel Navas: 3rd yr Navy. (Pray against temptations in service; his walk)
    3. 3rd service: Introduce Shalom & Irit Almog, owners of Coral Travel in Israel.
    4. Father/Son Fishing Trip: Jonathan Steele playing w/my 4 fish on stringer; Paul Edwards.
    5. Outline: Chosen By God; Anointed By God; Commissioned By God; Changed By God; & Hiding From God.
    6. Prayer: Lord we trust You to choreograph the events of our lives! Lead us as a Shepherd. Show us the way. We trust You w/the tapestry of our lives...You chose the design, You chose the colors!
    7. Intro: Amazing what people hide coming into airport baggage departments:
      1. 1 guy smuggled in 14 song birds taped to his legs. (uh, he got caught)
      2. A British punk rock band was arrested for alleged human trafficking after 4 Vietnamese stowaways hid inside their speakers trying to get into the U.K.
      3. In our story we’ll meet a man hiding himself in the baggage department.
    1. [1] CHOSEN BY GOD! (9:16,17; 10:19-21)
    2. It wasn’t by chance Saul happened to go to town that day(9:14); It wasn’t an accident that caused him to arrive when Samuel was in town; God arranged it because Saul was chosen by God.
      1. It wasn’t by chance you heard the gospel; It wasn’t an accident certain friends or a family member told you about God’s forgiveness & love; It wasn’t mere luck you were chosen. God arranged it!
      2. Eph.1:4-6 just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved. :)
    3. [2] ANOINTED BY GOD! (9:27; 10:1a)
    4. Anointing - was carried out by priests & prophets of the Lord in the OT.
      1. They would pour out an amount of sacred, spiced olive oil on the top of the head of an individual selected by God’s prophet to serve as priest or king. (Shepherdʼs Notes: pg.18 (I changed “a small amount” see italics))
        1. The act symbolized the power & presence of God’s coming upon an individual to enable the person to do the Lord’s work.
          1. (eg: Ps.133:2 Aaron - oil ran down beard & to the edge of his garment)
        2. I think a good picture is in Isa. 21:5. The expression, anoint the shield, refers to the custom of rubbing oil on the leather of the shield so as to make it flexible & fit for use in war.
      2. We have been anointed fellow believer's! You have been set apart as well.
        1. 1 Jn 2:20 But you have an anointing from the Holy One.
        2. 1 Jn 2:27 But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you;
    5. Believer's, He has rubbed oil on you so you would be made flexible & fit for His use!
    6. Samuel’s kiss is more than just a greeting; it is a sign of support!
    7. [3] COMMISSIONED BY GOD! (10:1b-7)
    8. Saul couldn’t understand how a man like him could lead the nation of Israel.
      1. So God gave him a series of “signs” to assure him he is the man chosen by God & to assure him of his new responsibilities.
      2. These 3 signs would take place in a specified order & at definite places.
        1. [1] He gives the place & exactly what they’d say
          He predicted the # of men, their destination, their greeting, their burden & their gift (i.e. 2 loaves of bread: originally intended for an offering. The loaves were given spontaneously to Saul)
          [3] He gives the place, the meeting of a quartet, the promise of the Spirit coming upon him, & the promise of a changed heart.
      3. Dr. Hugh Ross, the astrophysicist said, at the lowest rate of chance (namely 1 in 10) the probability of the events mentioned in 1 Samuel 10:2-6 happening in sequence & as Samuel predicted would be 1 in 8 million. Only a sovereign God could orchestrate the necessary events with such precise timing & incredible accuracy. (Barber: The Books of Samuel; pg.114.)
    9. A leader must trust God: to solve problems (lost donkeys; 1,2); to provide needs (goats, bread, wine; 3,4); to give the power needed for service (lost donkeys; 5-7); to hear God’s word & wait obediently on the Lord (go & wait; 8). (Warren Wiersbe: With The Word; 1 Samuel 10.)
      1. Verse 8 should be translated, “When you go before me to Gilgal” - that is, at some future date when King Saul would have the army ready for battle.
        1. This event took place some years later (in chap. 13).
      2. Saul began his ministry in the strength of these assurances, but as time went on, he trusted more & more in himself & rebelled against God’s Word.
    10. Saul received a mission, a responsibility.
      1. You & I have been commissioned by the Lord to go into all the world & make disciples. And yes that might cost us something!
        1. Years ago, a farmer in Asia stood outside his hut and looked down the hill toward the sea. There in the distance he saw a wave that seemed to be larger than usual, headed his way. As he watched, the wave grew and grew in height. Looking around, he saw his neighbors and the rest of the villagers farming in the fields below, unable to see the wave headed their way. In just a few minutes, the wave would overtake them and they would all be lost. Thinking quickly, he grabbed a torch and set his hut on fire, with all of the rice he had already gathered for the coming winter. After lighting the fire, he began to ring the village bell and his neighbors, looking up and seeing the fire, immediately left their fields and ran up the hill to help. Only after reaching the top, did they turn and see the wave begin to crash on the fields they had just left. Their neighbor had sacrificed all he had to save their lives!
        2. God has called you and me to have new priorities in our lives as well.
        3. Is making disciples costing you anything? (a son or daughter? Finances? your pride?)
    11. [4] CHANGED BY GOD! (10:6-12)
    12. On that day Saul’s heart was changed. He was a new man.
      1. The same thing happens to us when we are found in Christ.
      2. 2 Cor.5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.
    13. Saul’s prophetic experience so amazes his friends that they create a proverbial expression, “Is Saul also among the prophets?
      1. Did they say this about you when you were 1st saved? My high school friends did. Is Brian among the Born again Christians?
    14. (9) God gave him another heart
      1. Samuel did not give it. Saul did not even give it to himself.
      2. The new heart was a gift from God.
      3. We can have another heart from the LORD, but we must receive it from Him.
      4. We can’t receive a new heart for anyone else; and
      5. We can never make a new heart in anyone else.
      6. A new heart is a gift from God.
    15. (14-16) Maybe this is where Samuel’s counsel do as the occasion demands(7) comes into play
      1. When Scripture tells us what to do we need to do it:
        1. eg. Deut.29:29 The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.
        2. Even the counsel of well meaning friends is to be shunned if it is not in accordance w/the principles taught in Scripture.
        3. But there will also be situations where wisdom is needed on how to handle this situation specifically. Do we have to tell everyone everything that happens in our lives?
          1. Saul didn’t deem it necessary to satisfy his uncle’s curiosity.
    16. [5] HIDING FROM GOD! (10:17-27)
    17. Awkward! - “And the man of the hour...where is he?”
      1. Humility, or cowardice? - Self abnegation, or shrinking from duties?
      2. Hidden among the equipment - Most likely the traveling baggage of the people who had assembled at Mizpeh.
    18. Saul had height in his favor:
      1. (23) He was warmly received...because he looked like a king!
        1. It was his height that was impressive! But really, it identified him with “the other nations”. The Canaanites were known for being tall (Numb.13:32,33); The Anakites (Deut.2:10); a Philistines (1 Sam.17:4); an Egyptian (1 Chron.11:23); the Sabeans (Is.45:14); an Amorite (Amos 2:9); were all known for being tall.
        2. No other Israelite in the bible besides Saul is referred to as “tall”.
    19. (French: Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!) [Lay-raw-eh-more; Veev-lay-raw!]
      1. The King is dead. Long live the King is a traditional proclamation made following the accession of a new monarch in various countries, such as the United Kingdom. (vs.24)
      2. They rejected their God/King, long live their new king!
    20. Saul had everything in his favor:
    21. (1) a strong body, 10:23;
      (2) a humble mind, 9:21;
      (3) a new heart, 10:9;
      (4) spiritual power, 10:10;
      (5) loyal friends, 10:26; and most of all,
      (6) the guidance and prayers of Samuel.
      1. Yet in spite of these advantages, he failed miserably. Why? Because he would not allow God to be the Lord of his life.
    22. Ask yourself: Am I hiding among the baggage?
      1. When it came time for being used by God, he was no where to be found.
        1. Even after God had equipped him, he was hiding out, ignoring one of the primary missions God had given him.
        2. Even after God had equipped us, many of us are hiding out, ignoring one of the primary missions God had given us.
      2. What baggage are you hiding behind?
        1. Often we hide among the baggage because of our baggage!
        2. Maybe the baggage of failing to trust God; the baggage of the fear of man; the baggage of self-negativism; the baggage of religiosity; the baggage of unforgiveness; the baggage of unconfessed sin; the baggage of complacency; the baggage of self-absorption.
        3. Maybe its just hiding in busyness! (that’s an easy place to hide in our culture)
      3. We have accumulated much baggage over the years!
        1. Let us get out from amongst the baggage. Let us give our baggage to the Lord. Let us be freed from the burden of carrying them.
    23. Are you hiding among the baggage to hide from God’s calling in your life?
      1. Are you still asking, “has God called me to do this?” “Am I qualified?”
      2. Any nudging of the H.S. that you’ve been resisting, ignoring, or hiding from?
    24. Since there was no capital city or royal palace at that time, Saul returned to his hometown of Gibeah.
      1. He was accompanied by some valiant men who would become the core of Israel’s standing army.
      2. Some brought gifts, some didn’t. Some shouted “Long live the king”, others expressed doubts of his ability to provide effective leadership.
        1. To these he held his peace, or kept silent, or literally he was as though he was deaf.
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