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Bible Commentaries

Bell's Commentary on the Bible

Isaiah 11

Verses 1-16

  1. Intro:
    1. Last week we had a humble root come up(Messiah) that on day will be the leader of an army(Armageddon).
      1. He defeats the enemy & gathers His people to their land.
      2. He also rallies the Gentiles who seek Him.
    2. A fond memory for me growing up was w/our family on Sunday nights.
      1. BBQ – Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom – The wonderful world of Disney – “Laugh In”(though that wasn’t good)
        1. Jim & Marlin Perkins.
        2. In the millennial kingdom there will be no need for Jim & Marlin, not even for Steve Irwin(crocodile hunter).
  2. ANIMAL KINGDOM! (Ch.11)
    1. ​​​​​​​ANIMALS IN THE KINGDOM! (6-9)
    2. These vivid pictures speak of peace & safety as promised & yet so often denied in our society.
      1. Q: What news items make our front pages almost every day.
    3. Well I still challenge people to show me in scripture where it specifically says “the lion will lay with the lamb”???
      1. But here we have it inferred for sure.
      2. Animal life will get along! (walking Rambo the other night)
        1. Then “sit” & “down” yesterday when chasing a stray dog!
        2. Actually in reference to the leopard laying down with the goat, this happens today!…except that only the leopard will get up!!!
      3. Even a unity of man or child w/animals!
      4. Carnivores become herbivores!
    4. The key to this perfect picture is the knowledge of the Lord(9).
      1. The knowledge of the Lord must precede true peace!
      2. Only when the Lord is fully known will peace fully come.
    5. Q: Are you praying, “thy kingdom come?”
    7. The glory of God’s kingdom is that it transcends all national & other human barriers.
      1. Yes, God will see to it the unconditional Abrahamic covenant, the Davidic covenant, & the New covenant will be fulfilled for Israel. BUT the Gentiles will also be blessed in Messiah’s kingdom.
    8. ISRAEL IN THE KINGDOM! (11-16)
    9. (11) The Hebrew people will be restored to the land of Israel, migrating from all over the earth.
    10. (13) Only under Jesus’ banner will envy & division cease.
      1. No longer to be divided but finally united!
    11. (15,16) This gives us another picture of the “exodus” as God dries up the waters & makes a highway for His people.
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