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Isaiah 45

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-25

  1. That You May Know! (1-12)
    1. GOD’S WARP & WOOF! (1-8)
    2. This focuses on God’s Uniqueness.
    3. (1,2) The Lord prepares the way for the Persian King to conquer Babylon.
      1. Isaiah even tells how Cyrus would capture the invincible fortress of Babylon: he would dry up one of the rivers that flowed into the city and come in under the gates. History records this feat, but Prophecy announced it hundreds of years before it happened.
    4. (3) God blesses Cyrus w/wealth of the conquered nations.
    5. (4a) God blesses Cyrus because of Israel. {Israel’s Emancipation!}
    6. (4b) God gives Cyrus a special name & title of honor.
    7. (5) God can use unbelievers for His bidding.
    8. (6,7) God empowers Cyrus so all will recognize the Lord, who brings both blessing & calamity.
      1. He is simply a tool/instrument in the hands of God!
      2. Q: Who is “the Cyrus” in your life that God is using as a tool or instrument in His Hand to shape you?
      3. God simply desires to bring glory to His name & bring people to acknowledge Him. (5-7)
    9. (8) Here is a glimpse again of the millennium.
    10. (7) Light & Dark? Peace & calamity? {The Lord does them???}
      1. Amos 3:6 “If there is calamity in a city, will not the LORD have done it?”
      2. Not evil as KJV has it.
        1. James 1:13 tells us that God doesn’t tempt us with evil, but He does use evil for His purposes & can turn the wrath of man to His praise.
      3. Examples: The Cross – Mans greatest evil - God’s greatest Good! It’s what Job learned – When everything went wrong in his life. It’s what Joseph learned – What his brothers meant for evil, God meant for good!
        1. The Key? – You just need a long view of history!
        2. Q: Are you looking out far enough in your state of affairs?
        3. Remember: Beware of instant solutions. And, Patience is still a virtue!
    11. Show Loom – Presented to me by Wycliffe Translators from Taiwan.
    12. Our life is being shaped in a Loom. We are becoming a Pattern we do not see. But God does!Our heart is the shuttle, which weaves the horizontal threads(Woof).On one side of the Loom is sorrow, on the other, joy(Warp).The shuttle flies back and forth, carrying the thread(life experiences), which is white or black, as the pattern needs.In the end, when God finishes the garment, it will then appear that the deep and dark colors were as needful to beauty, as the bright and high colors. (Developed from Beecher in Bible Illustrator; Is.45:7)
      1. Q: Looking at this beautiful garment do you see the purpose for light & dark colors?
        1. Note: the dark represents hard times, trials, sorrows, not sin.
    13. I AM THE POTTER! (9-19)
    14. He can tell the rain what to do(8) but not His own people?(9,10)
      1. This is in contrast to the last section…Cyrus cooperated w/the Lord, & he did not even know Him!
      2. The Potter has total control over the concept, design, & production of a piece of pottery & the clay has no say in the end result! [Any questions?]
        1. This is also true of God in His creation! [He is creator, revealer, savior, & King]
        2. He is still carefully fashioning His people!
    15. (9) Q: Do you voice disapproval of the creators work?
      1. You’ll receive the Woes!
      2. “Our Father…your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
        1. In heaven His will is done completely & joyfully.
        2. On earth, half-heartedly & reluctantly.2
      3. Everything depends on the skill of the Master. The Potter hands are the hands of the creator(12).
        1. This process can be painful!
        2. Thrown on the wheel; squeeze; pull/push; cut trim; re-do & re-do & re-do; Flaws & impurities to cut out; Pliable?
    16. (13) Not for a price nor reward? How about vs.3?
      1. Vs.3 is what God gave – vs.13 deals with Cyrus’ motive.
    17. (14) Is this said about you? “Surely God is in you”
    18. (15) Sometimes it seems God hides from you.
      1. But He’s still at work even when we don’t see him!
      2. Example: Book of Esther only book in the Bible to not mention God(name mysteriously absent)…but He’s working all through it!
        1. And with you tonight!
        2. Ps.139:9,10 “If I take the wings of the morning, And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, Even there Your hand shall lead me, And Your right hand shall hold me.”
    19. (15-17) Millennium –
      1. (17) One day never to be ashamed again of their redeemer.
    20. (19) God speaks the truth openly(prophecy). And it would come to pass.
    21. LOOK TO ME & BE SAVED! (20-25)
    22. God goes once again back to His original purpose that through Israel the nations would be blessed!
    23. (20-25) The invitation for the Gentiles to be saved.
      1. He alone can save! (22)
      2. In the future day, every knee shall bow! (23)
        1. Note also: Here, speaks of the Father, & Jesus in Phil.2:10,11.
      3. And he will save! (24a)
      4. And yet some will reject him! (24b)
    24. (22) Tell of Spurgeon’s salvation.
    25. Sunday Morning Jan.6, 1850 at age 15. Heavy snowfall prevents him from reaching the church his mother recommended.He turned into a Primitive Methodist Chapel in Colchester.The preacher couldn’t make it because of the snow.An uneducated layman got up & preached extemporaneously (w/o prep; Lit. “out of the moment”) on this verse, to 15 people!“Look, that is not a hard word. A fool can do that. It does not need a wise man to look. A child can do that. How simple.” - “Look unto me. Do not look to yourselves, but to Christ.” - Then he added, “Look unto me; I am sweating great drops of blood for you. Look unto me; I am scourged & spit upon. I am nailed to the cross. I die, I am buried, I rise & ascend, I am pleading before the Father’s throne, & all this for you.” Stooping down, he looked under the gallery & said, ‘young man, you are very miserable.’ So I was, but I had not been accustomed to be addressed in that way.
      ‘Ah’, said he, ‘& you will always be miserable if you don’t do as my text tells you, that is, look unto Christ.’ And then he called out, with all his might, ‘Young man, look! In God’s name look, & look now!’ - I did look blessed be God! - I know I looked then & there, & he who but that minute before had been near despair had the fullness of joy & hope. And that instant he who was already to destroy himself could have stood up there & then to sing!” [“This was the voice of God to my soul!”]
      1. Tonight unbeliever, will you look unto Jesus???
      2. Tonight believer, will you continue to:
        Look within & be distressed? - Look back & be defeated?
        Look around & be distracted? - Look ahead & be
        dismayed? or, Look will you UP! & be delivered?
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