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Isaiah 9

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Verses 1-21

  1. Intro:
    1. Spencer – share on Peru.
  2. Hope in the Coming Messiah! (1-21)
    1. Messiah! (1-7)
      1. 1st Coming! (1-3)
      2. Start w/Mt.4:12-17 (vs.13 – So, He moved to Capernaum? What’s the big deal?)
      3. Go to Jn.7:52 – Go to 2 Kings 14:25 (Gath-Hepher 3 m. N.E. of Naz)
        1. Now see Zebulun & Naphtali – These were 2 of the 12 tribes that located west of the Sea of Galilee.
        2. They were the 1st to feel the devastation of Assyria(in 743bc, & 734 & 732 & ultimately taken captive in 722).
      4. Dark to Light – Death to the Dawning of a new day!
      5. Death shadows - Scary shadows! (But only shadows)
        1. Jesus is the difference between light & darkness; life & death(2). He is also the difference between joy & sorrow; freedom & bondage(3,4).
      6. 2nd Coming! (4,5)
      7. (4) Yoke & staff – symbols of oppression.
      8. Both Comings! (6,7)
      9. Child is born(humanity, shows human parents) Son is given(divinity, given by the Lord).
      10. Shoulder & Government – contrast to vs.4.
        1. Like a robe upon the shoulder of a king, so Jesus will don the Kingly robe & govern the nations.
        2. And the nation of Haiti will say amen. And the nation of Iraq will say amen. And the nation of Afghanistan will say amen And the nation of America will say amen!
        3. But what about personally? As you wait for His return, be sure “the government of your life” is on His shoulders.
        4. “Let Him be to you all that His names proclaim, for every name that He bears is a blessing that He shares.” (Warren Wiersbe; pg.459)
      11. (6b) Together these 4 titles give a beautiful picture of the coming Messiah’s character.
        1. 4 titles? I see 5? – Linguistically it can stand on its own. So, some translations place the comma there.
          1. The remaining nouns however, are linked pairs.
      12. Wonderful Counselor – i.e. exceptional, or distinguished; or a supernatural counselor. [Lit. a wonder of a counselor!]
        1. It is the nearest word Hebrew has to the idea of supernatural. (Motyer; pg.89)
          1. Here, bringing a wisdom far above the human!
          2. A greater than Solomon!
        2. Judges 13:8 “And the Angel of the LORD said to him (Monoah), "Why do you ask My name, seeing it is wonderful?"
        3. So, the people will gladly listen to Him in that day as the Authoritative One.
      13. Mighty God – He will be mighty in battle on behalf of Israel.
        1. He protects His people as a Warrior! (our mascot!)
          1. When the angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon, he said, "The LORD is with you, mighty warrior."
          2. Right before that it says…where his son Gideon wasthreshing wheat in a winepress to keep it from theMidianites.
        2. “He is the Irresistible Battle Champion, who will obtain the final victory in the arena of history!”
        3. The Messiah was to be…God!
      14. Everlasting Father – or eternal Father; or the Father of eternity!
        1. Or, the author of eternal life to the redeemed.
        2. Uh, how could he be both Son & Father?
        3. This isn’t saying He is God the Father(yes the persons of the Trinity are distinct), but has a title here of Father.
        4. Though they are “one”! - “One in essence, Three in persons!”
        5. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Though the formula is mysterious & even paradoxical, it is in no way contradictory. (R.C.Sproul; pg.35; Essentials)
        6. “The doctrine of the Trinity does not fully explain the mysterious character of God. Rather, it sets the boundaries outside of which we must not step.” (ibid; pg.36) [Modalism & Tritheism]
        7. So this title refers to the Messiahs relationship to time, not His relationship to the other persons of the Trinity! statement affirming His eternality & His deity.
        8. He is our tender & faithful wise guardian & provider of His people!
      15. Prince of Peace – Shalom’s fullest meaning!
        1. His government brings peace!
        2. This anticipates the glorious millennial kingdom when he brings peace to the earth.
          1. Q: Want a foretaste of that today?
          2. Jn.14:27 “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.”
          3. Jn.16:33 “These things I have spoken to you, that inMe you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”
        3. He will bring in Peace – Maintain Peace!
    2. Judgment to Come! (8-21)
      1. Bad Attitude! (8-12)
      2. Note each of these 3 sections end the same way(12b, 17b, 21b).
      3. His hand outstretched – I think we get that picture pretty well.
        1. Yet of course to those that are His, it is a spank of chastening love.
        2. One day the wrath of the Lamb (Rev.6:16), a vividcontradiction of images, will be seen.
        3. Although, I can understand it! – It’s like Pastor Rick & Kathy Mossa’s cute little fluffy white poodle named “Donut”! – I came up to their car & he about tore off my hand!
      4. (9) Judgment is often self-inflicted!
        1. This was an attitude problem!
        2. Pride & arrogance – This is an infectious evil which spreads dangerously like a rotten apple in a box.
        3. (10) They say, “whatever happens to our kingdom we will rebuild it & even make it better!”
          1. They are rejecting God & denying their need of Him.
          2. A receipt for disaster! – So God will take action against their arrogance!
          3. In their hour of need men do not easily or quickly repent(Rev.16:11). (Philip Hacking; pg.49)
          4. In the story of the prodigal son – the son had to be brought to the very depths before he would admit his sin & turn back!
          5. “Proud humanity likes to build its own brave new world but it is a fantasy world doomed to constant failure. As the enemy gets closer there is a stubborn refusal to face the facts.” (ibid; pg.49)
      5. Bad Leadership! (13-17)
      6. (13,14) They were led astray by the very people that who should have led them in the right way.
        1. Head & tail – Both civil & religious leaders in Israel(16).
        2. Palm branch & bulrush – Egyptian leaders.
      7. Bad Results (18-21)
      8. (18) This self-inflicted punishment(9) spreads like a forest fire.
        1. But God will choose His weapons of judgment: the nation of Assyria is described as the rod of my anger(10:5)
      9. (21) Even brother will turn against brother.
    3. The chapter ends with the raw passions of jungle morality! – how sad.
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