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Numbers 10

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-36

  1. CHAPTER 10! (CH.10)
    1. CLEARED FOR TAKE OFF! (1-13)
    2. Like travelers on a long layover, they’ve been now cleared for take off.
      1. Each knew his standard, his tribe, his role, his appointed place.
      2. The soul must visit Sinai, but not live there!
        1. It must journey forth to Hermon, Olivet, Calvary.
      3. The slumbering church should hear the trumpet call today, & move out & evangelize the world.
    3. Time to set out for their God-appointed inheritance.
      1. This would take them through an unknown land, a dangerous land, but God would give them the help they needed.
    4. These are different from the shofar (rams horn).
    5. The priests would use trumpets to communicate God’s will to the people.
      1. Blow them would gather them together, move them forward, summon them to battle, sound an alarm, or call them to enjoy the feasts of the Lord.
      2. They listened to the trumpets & watched the cloud, & were safe.
    6. So God guided Israel’s movements 2 ways: one miraculous, one quite human.
      1. 1st, God provided the cloud; 2nd, Aaron & the priests blew the trumpets when it was time to break camp.
      2. The cloud reminded the people that God was ever-present to lead, guide, & inspire worship, & confidence.
      3. Israel needed to realize their dependence on the Lord for their every movement. The trumpet blasts were to bring these truths to remembrance.
        1. Today, His word is our cloud to move us, & my voice is to simply bring these truths to remembrance.
    7. (12) Wilderness of Paran - just north of Sinai. [So only marched from 1 wilderness to another]
    8. HIS BANNER OVER ME IS LOVE! (14-28)
    9. There are 4 banners with 3 tribes represented under each.
    10. These banners were worked with embroidery and beautifully ornamented.
      1. S.S. 6:4 O my love, you are as beautiful as Tirzah, Lovely as Jerusalem, Awesome as an army with banners!
    11. Who will God’s hang a banner over?
      1. Ps.60:4 You have given a banner to those who fear You, That it may be displayed because of the truth.
    12. What’s on God’s banner that he hangs over us?
      1. S.S. 2:4 He brought me to the banqueting house, And his banner over me was love.
    13. COME WITH US! (29-32)
    14. (29) We should give this same invitation to our friends, “We are setting out for the place of which the Lord said.”
    15. Lessons from Hobab (brother of Zipporah, Moses’ wife)
      1. Moses asked him to come with Israel & share his “wilderness wisdom!”
      2. Hobab’s wisdom didn’t take the place of God’s leading. Rather, Hobab assisted in the everyday problems of a people who were not accustomed to wilderness life. (www)
        1. An invaluable guide knows: Where the shade was, water, best routes, safety.
        2. Ex: our guide in Thailand - Dr. Greg Ghironzi/blisters.
      3. God promises to guide us, but that doesn’t mean we should be deaf to the wisdom of experienced people.
        1. A sailboat uses both wind against it sails & a rudder for direction to get to its destination!
      4. Hobab did Israel good, & Israel brought good to him. (Judges 1:16; 4:11)
        1. What a sweet blessing in vs.32.
    16. Prayer: Coming & Going! (33-36)
    17. Wherever God’s finger points, His hand will clear a way!
    18. Moses prayed to God when the people marched & when God told them to stop.
      1. Good example for us to follow as we move through each day.
      2. Prayer ought to begin & end our every day, every meal, every enterprise, every journey, every going out & every coming in!
      3. Going out - asking for His guidance & guardian care.
        1. We are traveling through hostile lands. Where foes seek to rob us, wound us, & even destroy us.
        2. Q: Can we do w/o God once we reach our resting place? Q: Don’t we need our Gods help inside the walls of our homes, as we do outside in our world?
      4. Coming in - His presence is our security, our treasure, our glory, our joy.
    19. Well, Israel appeared quite capable of moving on to achieve the conquest of the Promise Land. They were organized; had civil & religious leadership; God was with them (most vital asset) Only they could stop their March to glory,...which is exactly what happened!
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