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Brian Bell Commentary on the Bible

Numbers 2

Verses 1-34

    1. Key: Tabernacle(the very dwelling of God) was always at the center, both when “camped” & when “on the march”!
      1. See 2:31,34.
    2. Tell me this book won’t apply to us: By its end we will cover 38 years of… “grumbling & judgement, sinning & punishment, repenting & forgiveness, warring & deliverance, attitudes of ingratitude, self-absorption, fear & desperation.”
    3. Where are you in your spiritual journey?
      1. At the base of Sinai marveling at God’s holiness & soaking in His word?
      2. Are you perched on the edge of the Promise Land, eager to push ahead & take possession of all God has promised you?
      3. Maybe you’re in some Wandering times, taking the long way home, the hard way to God; the trip lengthened by your disobedience or desire for something besides God?
        1. Good news: God has signed on for your whole trip!
        2. He doesn’t abandon us just because we wander.
        3. He’s with us in our wanderings: guiding, prompting, disciplining, sustaining, forgiving, & renewing us.
          1. What seems like aimless wanderings to us has purpose & direction if God is in it.
    4. Where are you in your spiritual journey? - Sitting under Sinai? Poised at the Promise Land? Or Wandering in the Wilderness?
      1. Do you sense that God is with you on the journey?
      2. What evidence do you have of His presence?
        1. Deut.31:6 Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.
    5. [Show 4th slide - End] - Next Wed Full Worship Night.
    6. Invite up for prayer!
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