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Numbers 36

Bell's Commentary on the BibleBell's Commentary

Verses 1-13

    2. Read 1-6.
    3. The Daughters of Zelophehad! (Recap Ch.27:1-11)
    4. New problems give us new opportunities to seek God’s wisdom & learn new truths.
      1. Supremely confident that God would give them the land, they ask if they could inherit their father’s land since they had no brothers. (usually got dowry if married)
        1. The 5 daughters had the courage to ask for their fathers inheritance, & they got it.
      2. God rules & says, “yes” & instructs Moses to grant this request.
      3. They also had a part in establishing a law that helped other families get their inheritance.
    5. Some men of the tribe of Manasseh had discussed & pondered the matter & were concerned about the distribution of their tribal land.
      1. What if the daughters married into other tribes?
      2. Would the inheritance eventually be confused or even lost?
        1. Appl: It is good to think about decisions & see their practical ramifications in everyday life.
    6. The simple solution: The daughters must marry men within their tribe of Manasseh.
    7. Wrap up with last verse.
      1. Across from Jericho sets up the next scene. Entrance into the land at Jericho, described in the book of Joshua(esp. ch.6).
    8. Conclusion to Numbers:
    9. Numbers holds a bitter-sweet place in the bible!
      1. On the one hand Hope(ch.1-10) & Victory(21-36);
      2. On the other hand, ch.13-20 hold many negative comments in the rest of the bible.
        1. Israel’s 1st generation is remembered for squandering opportunities, rebellion, & unbelief. It illustrates their greed, faithlessness, & idolatry.
        2. It becomes a sober warning to all persons of faith.
    10. Still when Numbers closes, Hope springs anew!
      1. A new generation is hungry for the Lord & the fulfillment of His promises.
      2. A 2nd high priest & Moses’s replacement stand ready to serve.
      3. God’s grace has overcome all obstacles & continues to do so in Israel’s history, right through the crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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