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Bible Commentaries

The Great Biblical Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide

Mark 15

Verses 1-47


1 Jesus brought bound, and accused before Pilate . 15 Upon the clamour of the common people, the murderer Barabbas is loosed, and Jesus delivered up to be crucified . 17 He is crowned with thorns , 19 spit on, and mocked : 21 fainteth in bearing his cross : 27 hangeth between two thieves : 29 suffereth the triumphing reproaches of the Jews : 39 but confessed by the centurion to be the Son of God : 43 and is honourably buried by Joseph.

Ver. 25 . And it was the third hour, and they crucified Him. The third, not beginning, but ending, and going on to the sixth . For that Christ was crucified at the sixth hour , or midday , appears from the 33rd verse. Some suspect that there is an error, and that the sixth ought to be read for the third. For the Hebrews had divided the day and also the night into four parts or hours, each of which contained three of our hours. The first began at sunrise, and lasted for three hours. When they were over, Terce began, and lasted for three hours, or until midday, when Sect began, and ended three hours afterwards, when None began, and lasted till Vespers, or evening. When Sect was beginning, or the sixth hour , Christ was crucified; and when None, or the ninth hour , was beginning, He died. Ver. 28 . And with the wicked he was reputed : Heb. נמנה , nimma , i.e., was numbered , was counted. See what I have said on Isaiah 53:12 . The reason is, because Christ took to Himself our place, our account and reckoning. But we were wicked. He therefore was reckoned with the wicked, that He might make us, instead of wicked, just, righteous, and holy. Ver. 42. Because it was the Parasceve , that is , the day before one Sabbath. The Greek is, which is the Prosabbatum. For Parasceve is the came as Preparation. Friday was so called because food and things needful for the Sabbath were prepared upon it. Hence it was called the Pro-Sabbath , i.e ., the day before, or the vigil of the Sabbath. ( )

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Lapide, Cornelius. "Commentary on Mark 15". The Great Biblical Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide. 1890.