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Bible Commentaries

James Nisbet's Church Pulpit Commentary


- Daniel

by James Nisbet

Daniel 1:1; Daniel 1:8 A Boy Hero

Daniel 2:1; Daniel 2:49 Troubled King—Calm Seer

Daniel 2:3‘An Interpreter, One Among a Thousand’

Daniel 2:35 The Stone that Grew

Daniel 3:18 Pride Humbled and Piety Honoured

Daniel 3:23; Daniel 3:25 A Furnace and Men in it

Daniel 3:25 Communion in the Furnace

Daniel 4:5 Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream

Daniel 4:30 Christ’s Law for a Nation and its Neighbours

Daniel 4:37 Pride’s Punishment

Daniel 5:1 Belshazzar’s Feast

Daniel 5:23 Failure to Glorify God

Daniel 5:27 God’s Scales

Daniel 5:30 The Judge at the Door

Daniel 6:3 A Real Hero

Daniel 6:10 Private Prayer

Daniel 6:10 Trial and Deliverance

Daniel 6:16; Daniel 6:23 In and Out

Daniel 6:23 Daniel Contra Mundum

Daniel 7:2 Daniel’s Vision

Daniel 7:10 Judgment

Daniel 7:12-2 Chronicles : The Sign of the Son of Man

Daniel 7:17 The Human Comedy

Daniel 9:7 The Humbling Retrospect

Daniel 9:9 Mercies and Forgivenesses

Daniel 9:23 The Electric Telegraph of Prayer

Daniel 9:24 The Messiah cut off

Daniel 10:5 The Coming Mighty One

Daniel 10:19 Spiritual Strength

Daniel 12:3 A Glorious Destiny

Daniel 12:8-1 Samuel : Man’s Relation to Divine Mysteries

Daniel 12:6; Daniel 12:12 Troublous Times to Cease

Daniel 12:13‘At Last it Ringeth to Evensong’