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Bible Commentaries

James Nisbet's Church Pulpit Commentary


- Ezekiel

by James Nisbet

Ezekiel 1:5 The Cherubim

Ezekiel 1:20-Ecclesiastes : The Wheels of Life

Ezekiel 1:24-Lamentations : Listening to God in the Silence

Ezekiel 2:3 A Prophet’s Call

Ezekiel 2:7 Men’s Treatment of God’s Word

Ezekiel 2:7-Ruth :‘Receiving and Uttering the Divine Message’

Ezekiel 3:7 Ezekiel’s Ministry and Ours

Ezekiel 3:12‘Ad Majorem Gloriam Dei’

Ezekiel 8:12 Secret Sins

Ezekiel 9:4 Marked Men!

Ezekiel 11:16‘A Sanctuary for a Little While’

Ezekiel 11:16 The Lord’s Day

Ezekiel 11:19 A Blessed Exchange

Ezekiel 12:25 The Lord is not Slack

Ezekiel 12:28‘The Proverb’ and ‘the Saying’

Ezekiel 13:2 False Prophets

Ezekiel 14:3 Insincere Prayers

Ezekiel 14:14 The Personal Character of Religion

Ezekiel 16:60-2 Peter : God’s Covenant: Israel’s Ways

Ezekiel 18:4 The Cure for Fatalism

Ezekiel 18:20 Personal Responsibility

Ezekiel 20:12 My Sabbaths

Ezekiel 20:32-Micah : The Isolation of Privilege

Ezekiel 22:30 Not a Man to be Found!

Ezekiel 24:18 The Tearless Sorrow

Ezekiel 26:4 The Doom of Tyre

Ezekiel 27:2 The Dirge of Tyre

Ezekiel 28:9 The Doom of Pride

Ezekiel 31:18 The Doom of Egypt

Ezekiel 32:16 The Dirge of Egypt

Ezekiel 33:1-1 Kings :‘Watching for Souls’

Ezekiel 33:11 Why will ye Die?

Ezekiel 33:32-Micah : Hearers, but not Doers

Ezekiel 34:8 Careless Shepherds

Ezekiel 34:31 The Stray Sheep

Ezekiel 34:31 The Flock of God’s Pasture

Ezekiel 36:22 All of Grace

Ezekiel 36:26 A New Heart

Ezekiel 37:3 Can these Bones Live?

Ezekiel 37:9 The Breath of Life

Ezekiel 37:22 A Reunited Israel

Ezekiel 47:1-1 Kings : The River of Life

Ezekiel 47:1-1 Kings : Ezekiel’s Vision