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Numbers 34

Smith's Bible CommentarySmith's Commentary

Verses 1-29

Chapter 34

So as we move into chapter thirty-four, we find the borders of the land described now. In the south, the border of the land was to go down into the Sinai as far as Kadesh Barnea the place where they had come; south from Hebron-or no, actually down around south of Beersheba coming into the land down into the desert. The Mediterranean was to be the border on the west side. On the north side, the mountains of Lebanon at about Achor or Accho, that mountain range of Lebanon that comes around was to be the border on up to Mount Hermon. You'll find in-if you want to read it carefully here there is the mention of Ain, which means fountains, which no doubt is a reference to the headwater of the Jordan River at the base of Mount Hermon. So that whole upper, what they call the Hula Valley, was to be Israel's, bordered on the west side by the mountains of Lebanon. Much the border that they have today with Lebanon was the border that was described here in the Bible.

Now the uppermost area in the upper Hula Valley near where the Jordan River begins it's-or coming out of the Mount Hermon there is where the city of Dan was built. Dan occupied the northern most part of the Hula Valley. And then coming on down around the Sea of Galilee, the tribe of Naphtali. And you can get a good Bible map and you can see how the tribes were apportioned in the land but the boundaries of the land are given to us here in chapter thirty-four.

This is the land that God promised to Abraham and this is the land that now belonged to these people. It was theirs; God had given it to them. There was only one thing, they had to go in and take it; they had to go in and possess it, even as God has given to you so many rich and precious promises and all you have to do is step in and claim them. Just go in and take that which God has promised to you by faith.

So the heads of the tribes are listed again in the latter portion of the chapter.


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