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1 Chronicles 28

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-21

David’s last Directions

2. The footstool of our God] i.e. the Mercy Seat: 2 Samuel 6:2; Psalms 132:7.

5. The throne of the kingdom of the Lord] cp. 1 Chronicles 17:14; 1 Chronicles 29:23. Israel’s kings were the Lord’s vicegerents and representatives: He was their true ruler.

7. If he be constant] The continuance of God’s favour was conditional upon continued obedience, and the writer, living after the exile, knew how the condition had been violated.

11. The pattern] The pattern of the Tabernacle is similarly stated to have been communicated to Moses by God: Exodus 25:9, Exodus 25:40. The houses] the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place: see 1 Kings 6. Treasuries.. upper chambers] probably the side-chambers, described in 1 Kings 6:5, of which there were three storeys.

Inner parlours] perhaps the lowest of the side-chambers.

12. By the spirit] i.e. by revelation. The chambers round about] perhaps detached buildings constructed round the courts that enclosed the Temple.

15. Candlesticks] better ’lampstands,’ and so elsewhere. Ten are mentioned in 1 Kings 7:49, but only one in 2 Chronicles 13:11.

16. The tables] Ten are alluded to again in 2 Chronicles 4:8, but only a single table is mentioned in 1 Kings 7:48; 2 Chronicles 13:11; 2 Chronicles 29:18.

18. The chariot of the cherubims] RV ’the chariot, even the cherubim’: cp. Psalms 18:10; Ezekiel 1, Ezekiel 10:8.

20. He will not fail thee] A similar assurance of God’s constant aid was given to Jacob and Joshua: Genesis 28:15; Joshua 1:5.

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