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1 Samuel 12

Dummelow's Commentary on the BibleDummelow on the Bible

Verses 1-25

Samuel resigns his Judgeship

This chapter is a continuation of 1 Samuel 10:17-24, and the scene of the events recorded is the great national assembly at Mizpeh. Notice, however, the reference to Nahash (1 Samuel 11) in 1 Samuel 10:12.

2. My sons] cp. 1 Samuel 8:1-5.

3. His anointed] i.e. Saul the anointed king. This becomes the regular title of the king: cp. 1 Samuel 24:6-10; 1 Samuel 26:9-11, etc. The word is identical with ’Messiah’ or (in its Gk. form) ’Christ.’

6. It is the Lord] LXX reads’ the Lord is witness.’ Advanced] RV ’appointed,’ i.e. made them the leaders of Israel.

9. Into the hand of Sisera] see Judges 4.

Into the hand of the king of Moab] see Judges 3.

11. Jerubbaal] see Judges 6. Bedan] LXX reads ’Barak.’ Jephthah] see Judges 11. Samuel] must be a later insertion either by the editor or by a scribe.

12. When the Lord your God was your king] cp. 1 Samuel 8:7; Judges 8:23. This is not quite in accord with the narrative of 1 Samuel 11 as it stands, where Saul has already been chosen king (1 Samuel 12:12), and where the attack on Nahash results from his own vigorous initiative.

14. RV ’If ye will fear.. and serve him, and hearken.. and be.. followers.. well.’

15. Against your fathers] i.e. in the times of the Judges.

17. Wheat harvest] This shows that this occurred between the middle of May and the middle of June. In Palestine a summer thunderstorm is very unusual: cp. Proverbs 21:1. Prof. G. A. Smith writes: ’In May showers are very rare, and from then till October, not only is there no rain, but a cloud seldom passes over the sky, and a thunderstorm is a miracle.’

21. For] The first ’for’ in this v. is rightly omitted by LXX. ’And turn ye not aside after vain things which,’ etc. Vain things’] i.e. idols.

22. For his great name’s sake] The idea is explained in Exodus 32:12

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