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1 Samuel 12

Verses 1-25

1 Samuel 12. Samuel’ s Farewell.— From the Deuteronomic document, where it separated the two clauses of 1 Samuel 10:25, which see.

1 Samuel 12:1-6 a (to “ witness” ). In response to a solemn adjuration from Samuel, the people agree that his administration has been pure.

1 Samuel 12:3 . to blind mine eyes therewith: LXX “ even a pair of shoes? Answer against me, and I will, etc.” ( mg.) .

1 Samuel 12:6 a 1 Samuel 12:11 . Samuel briefly reviews the history of Israel, showing the gracious dealings of Yahweh with His people and their ingratitude. The author forgot that he was composing a speech for Samuel, and mentions him in the third person, as one of the deliverers of Israel.

1 Samuel 12:8 . made them: read with LXX, “ He (Yahweh) made.”

1 Samuel 12:11 . Bedan: read “ Barak,” with LXX.

1 Samuel 12:12-25 . Samuel reproaches the people for their disloyalty to Yahweh in asking for a king; in the future obedience will be rewarded, and disobedience punished. At Samuel’ s prayer, a miraculous thunderstorm ( cf. 1 Samuel 7:10), at a time (“ wheat-harvest,” May-June) when thunder was unusual, confirms his words. The terror-stricken people beg for Samuel’ s intercession. He reassures them, and promises to pray for them and guide them.

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Peake, Arthur. "Commentary on 1 Samuel 12". "Peake's Commentary on the Bible ". 1919.